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Crystal Salt



A teen from New York studies abroad in Athens, Greece and becomes addicted to the bite of a vampire, which gives her temporary powers. After falling for a demigod, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst to war between the vampires, who want freedom at any cost, and demigods, who want only to protect the city.

This is a clean young adult series. It's complete with three books, though a prequel is forthcoming.

PG 13: Violence, mild language, and no sex.

Vampire Addiction_ebook.jpg
Vampire Addiction, Book One

Ebook $5.99 (USD $0.99 For a Limited Time)

Paperback USD $12, Signed USD $13

Hardback Signed USD $20


Is it love or addiction?

As seventeen-year-old Gertie, studying abroad from New York, uncovers the unfathomable secrets of this ancient city, she becomes involved with a handsome vampire. Is it love that attracts her, or the temporary powers from his bite? She's more confused when her heart is drawn to the vampire's enemy--a demigod sworn to protect the city--and she becomes an unwitting catalyst to war.

Vampire Affliction_ebook.jpg
Vampire Affliction, Book Two

Ebook USD $5.99 (on sale for $3.99)

Paperback USD $12, Signed USD $13

Hardback Signed USD $20


The vampires want liberty at any cost. The demigods want to protect the city.

Gertie has found herself an unwitting member of a vampire uprising, even though her heart is being pulled by its enemy, Hector.

But how could she possibly leave Jeno, who needs her now more than ever? The vampires have been oppressed for centuries in caves beneath the acropolis without economic resources. They've been wronged, and Gertie wants to help to liberate them.

But the vampires want liberty at any cost--even human life. Can Gertie go along with that? 

Vampire ascension_ebook.jpg
Vampire Ascension, Book Three

Ebook USD $5.99 (on sale for $4.99)

Paperback USD $12, Signed USD $13

Hardback Signed USD $20


Three unlikely friends do everything in their power to stop a war that's killing thousands.

In this final installment, Gertie, Jeno, and Hector struggle to bring a peaceful resolution to the war in Athens, but any success they make comes at great cost. How many more people must die for freedom and justice? The teens quickly learn that nothing is fair in love and war. Sometimes even love requires a terrible price.

The vampires od Athens box set book 1-3.
The Vampires of Athens Box Set

Ebook USD $9.99 (on sale for $7.99)

Paperback Omnibus USD $29.99, Signed USD $30

Hardback Bundle Signed USD $50

Dionysus: A Prequel

Ebook USD $5.99 (on sale for $3.99)

Paperback USD $12.00, Signed USD $13

Hardback Signed USD $20

Coming May 2023

He is banished from Mount Olympus through no fault of his own.


After roaming the earth for decades in search of a purpose, Dionysus creates his own magical vineyard on the island of Naxos, where he falls in love with Ariadne. But their marriage is doomed from the start and, broken-hearted, he creates a group of female companions to fight his loneliness and despair, and he begins his tradition of drinking and dancing on Mount Kithairon.

But the women return home and tear their husbands and children limb from limb, and the only thing that can repair this horrific toll on humanity is human blood; thus, the first generation of vampires is born, and Dionysus finds himself their lord.

His hopes of using this new purpose as a means for respect among the other gods is dashed when the vampires destroy Athens and become the scourge of the human race. Dionysus neglects the vampires and spends his time drowning his sorrows with wine and dancing until . . .

Desperate to fill the ache in his broken heart, he searches for love again, but his second love story ends even more brutally than the first, leaving him gutted.

Then, seventeen years later, he learns that Philomena’s child—their child—did not die with her, and although he’s slow to allow himself to hope, everything changes.


This prequel can be read before or after the other books in this series.

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