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Thanatos, the god of death, has been a dutiful servant to Hades for his entire existence, until one day, a teen in a coma, unaware that she's in the Underworld, gives him his first kiss.

This is a clean young adult series for readers twelve and older. Enjoy all nine books in three anniversary hardback volumes with new dust jacket art.

PG 13: Violence, mild language, and no sex.

Crystal Salt
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The Underworld Saga, Volume One Books 1-3


USD $40

This volume includes Thanatos, Challenge of Hades, and A New Goddess.

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The Underworld Saga, Volume Two
Books 4-6


USD $40

This volume includes The House of Hades, The Athena Alliance, and Hades's Promise.

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The Underworld Saga, Volume Three
Books 7-9


USD $40

This volume includes Hypnos, Hunting Prometheus, and Storming Olympus.

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