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Thanatos, the god of death, has been a dutiful servant to Hades for his entire existence, until one day, a teen in a coma, unaware that she's in the Underworld, gives him his first kiss.

This is a clean young adult series for readers twelve and older. Enjoy all nine books in three anniversary hardback volumes with new dust jacket art.

PG 13: Violence, mild language, but no sexual situations.

Read more about the individual books in the series here.

The first volume contains books one through three and depicts the helm of invisibility.
The Underworld Saga, Volume One: Books 1-3


USD $40

This volume includes Thanatos, Challenge of Hades, and A New Goddess.

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The second volume contains books four through six and depicts the trident.
The Underworld Saga, Volume Two: Books 4-6


USD $40

This volume includes The House of Hades, The Athena Alliance, and Hades's Promise.

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The third volume contains books seven through nine and depicts the lightning bolt.
The Underworld Saga, Volume Three: Books 7-9


USD $40

This volume includes Hypnos, Hunting Prometheus, and Storming Olympus.

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