Read this exciting adventure about an impossible, yet unstoppable love, between a mortal teen and Thanatos, the god of death. 

Save money by purchasing The Underworld Saga in four box sets.

A teen from New York studies abroad in Athens, Greece and becomes involved with a handsome vampire. Is it love that attracts her, or the temporary powers from his bite--the powers of flight, strength, speed, x-ray vision, and mind control? She's more confused when her heart is drawn to the vampire's enemy--a demigod sworn to protect the city. This series shares the word of The Underworld Saga.

After the murder of a friend, teen gods and demigods join forces but disagree over how to handle vampire pirates swarming the Mediterranean Sea.

Famous Seminoles pitcher Ellie Beaufort is taken captive by Cupid, whose brothers (Phobos and Deimos) are then shot with arrows and made to love her--all for her own protection against other gods wanting to kill her. Ellie finds herself falling for both gods. (For readers 17 and older for mature content.) This series shares the world of The Underworld Saga.


Fans of Shutter Island will enjoy this unsettling psychological horror about a teen who thinks she's going on an island retreat but finds herself at the mercy of a doctor's experimental methods.

A hilarious trio of fifty-something friends flip haunted houses and feel compelled to solve the mysteries to bring peace to the ghosts that haunt them. Like Nancy Drew meets The Golden Girls.

Read three standalone thrillers featuring unreliable narrators who lure their listeners in to haunting stories that have shocking connections to them and their families.

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