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Immerse yourself in a world that explores the intricacies of desire, devotion, and destiny.

Follow the lives and loves of gods and monsters as they struggle, thrive, and fall from ancient to modern times.


This series is ongoing, and the books can be read in any order.

Rated PG for some violence, but no sex.

The paperback over depicts the goddess Athena. The hardback cover depicts an owl and a laurel wreath.
Athena, Book One

Ebook USD $6.99 (Goddess Cover)

Paperback Signed USD $15 (Goddess Cover)

Hardback Signed USD $20 (Owl Cover)

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Owl Cover)

Even the wise can be fools in love.

Athena is torn between her loyalty to her father and her growing love for the Titan Prometheus, who supported her father during the great war but now seems to have an agenda of his own.

After serving a terrible sentence for treason, Prometheus goes into hiding. Athena searches the ends of the earth, desperate to find him.

When he finally emerges from the shadows, his plans challenge her loyalties, rekindle her passion, and set in motion events that will forever alter her immortal life.

HECATE, Book Two

Ebook USD $6.99 (on sale for $5.99) (Goddess Cover)

Paperback Signed USD $15 (Goddess Cover)

Hardback Signed USD $20 (Symbol Cover)

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Symbol Cover)

Available for PREORDER

RELEASES March 7, 2025

Not even magic can liberate her heart.


Hecate is a young Titan when Zeus rescues his siblings from the belly of Kronos and declares war on her people.  But when she's drawn into the arms of her enemy,  to the beautiful Demeter and her deeply passionate and charismatic ways, Hecate must choose between love and duty.


Having discovered her gifts and declared herself the goddess of magic, Hecate cannot understand why her supreme powers elude her when it comes to Demeter. Nothing can liberate her heart from the lively goddess.


Not long after Hecate gives up everything, Hecate's heart is shattered. As her powers of witchcraft strengthen, she could rival the likes of Zeus, the mightiest in the pantheon. Even so, her unflinching love for Demeter controls her every move. She's but a servant to Demeter's heart. Will she ever be anything more than this?

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