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Immerse yourself in a world that explores the intricacies of desire, devotion, and destiny.

Follow the lives and loves of gods and monsters as they struggle, thrive, and fall from ancient to modern times.


This series is ongoing, and the books can be read in any order.

Rated PG for some violence, but no sex.

The paperback over depicts the goddess Athena. The hardback cover depicts an owl and a laurel wreath.
Athena, Book One

Ebook USD $6.99 (on sale for $5.99) (Goddess Cover)

Paperback Signed USD $14 (Goddess Cover)

Hardback Signed USD $20 (Owl Cover)

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Owl Cover)

Available for PREORDER.

Releases APRIL 25, 2024.


Even the wise can be fools in love . . .


She grows up in the belly of her oppressive father, where she watches her mother build her armor and hatches plans for escape. Once freed, she becomes her father's favorite--a loyal subject, warrior, and advocate who stands by her father even when her favorite is sentenced for treason and chained to a rock, where his liver is eaten daily by Zeus's eagle. Then, her hopes for a reunion with Prometheus are crushed when he disappears, and years of searching prove futile. With a hardened heart, Athena becomes a powerful leader of the Olympians.


But when Prometheus returns from the shadows, her loyalties are challenged, her heart stirs with unquenchable passion, and her immortal life is forever changed.

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