Thanatos, the god of death, bargains with Hades for a chance at love and adventure in the upperworld, where he falls in love for the very first time. The problem is, she's a mortal, and he's , well, Death.

Thanatos, Book One

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Death had never been kissed, until now . . .


Thanatos meets seventeen-year-old Therese while she's in a coma hovering between the realm of the dead and the realm of dreams. A lucid dreamer, she takes control of her dream and kisses him, unaware that he is Death.

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Sons, this series has been edited so that the main character begins her journey at age seventeen.

Challenge of Hades2_ebook.jpg
Challenge of Hades, Book Two

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Thanatos and Therese's love story continues in the second book of this epic young adult series by USA Today bestselling author Eva Pohler.

Therese learns that Than has been busy searching for a way to make her a god, and he’s found it, but it requires her to complete a set of impossible challenges designed by Hades, who hopes to see her fail. 


*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Challenge 

A new Goddess_ebook.jpg
A New Goddess, Book Three

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Death is not the worst fate for a goddess.

The Olympians don't tolerate oath-breakers.

Can Than and Therese finally live the life they've dreamed of? Or do the gods have other plans for them?  

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Daughter

The house of Hades_ebook.jpg
The House of Hades, Book Four

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Just when things were looking up for Than and Therese, everything crumbles.

The Underworld is attacked, Therese and her friends are crushed, the souls are unleashed, and a malevolent goddess threatens to unhinge Mount Olympus.

And Hypnos unwittingly puts Jen and her family in harm's way.

Can Hip, Than, and Therese save the living and the dead? 

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's House

The Athena Alliance_Ebook.jpg
The Athena Alliance, Book Five

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She never thought her wedding day would be like this.

Can Therese and the other gods in the Alliance bind the almighty Zeus and restore justice and true democracy among the Olympians? Or will Zeus succeed in swallowing Therese and separating her from Thanatos for all eternity? 

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Secret

Hades's Promise_ebook.jpg
Hades's Promise, Book Six

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Therese never expected to find herself in Circe's battlefield again, and this time she fights for things more important than her life.

Before Therese and Thanatos can come to terms with the uncertain future of their unborn twins, Poseidon is attacked and both his wife and trident are stolen.

Therese is forced to deliver her babies in the midst of an all-out war with enemies more powerful than the Olympians.  

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Promise

Hypnos, Book Seven

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Therese doesn't like being stuck on the sidelines, especially when the entire pantheon is in trouble.


Hypnos goes to Mount Olympus to offer Zeus a deal. He'll make it his mission to find out the source of the recent attacks on Gaia--horrible earthquakes that have already released two monsters from the Titan Pit--if Zeus will agree to let him and Jen have one immortal child.

Hunting Prometheus_ebook.jpg
Hunting Prometheus, Book Eight

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Hermie and Hestie never asked to be demigods.

Unlike others of their kind, they aren't interested in going on quests and being the center of a world-changing prophecy. But when Zeus learns of Apollo's vision--of the twins finding Prometheus, Zeus's number one enemy--the hunt for Prometheus begins.

If Hermie and Hestie don't find the Titan first, they'll have no chance of fulfilling their destiny or of surviving Zeus's threat against them. 

Storming Olympus_ebook.jpg
Storming Olympus, Book Nine

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The rebellion led by Hades prepares to storm Mount Olympus.

As the gods square off, how can one identify the friend from the foe?

Read the surprising conclusion to USA Today bestselling author Eva Pohler's The Underworld Saga.

Persephone, A Prequel

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Unrest brews among gods and mortals alike when Hades makes a deal with the Fates to end his loneliness in the Underworld.

But when Persephone proposes to conspire with him in a plot against Demeter, things get out of hand.

Persephone can be read before or after The Underworld Saga.  

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Bride

Charon's Quest (1).jpg
Charon's Quest

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Paperback USD $12


The ferryman of the dead is forced to leave the life he’s always known.

The last thing Charon expects is to fall in love with a mortal woman—someone he can’t take with him when he returns. Charon must decide whether to abandon the love of his life or his duties.

While Charon's Quest shares the world of The Underworld Saga, it can be read before or after or anytime in between the rest of the books in the saga.

GodsofOlympus (1).jpg
Gods of Olympus

$4.99 ebook

Not available in paperback

You are the main character in this encounter with the Olympians. Throughout the narrative, you make choices that change the course of the story. Which god or goddess will Cupid make your love interest? You decide. Then, to prove you're worthy to become immortal, so that you can remain with your love interest, will you face Cerberus or the Hydra? Will you offer cakes or strike with the sword loaned to you by Athena?

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The Underworld Box Set, 1-3

Ebook USD $6.99 (limited time)
Paperback Omnibus USD $29.99  
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The Underworld Box Set, 4-6
Ebook USD $9.99
Paperback Omnibus $29.99
box set book7-9.png
The Underworld Box Set, 7-9
Ebook USD $9.99
Paperback Omnibus $29.99
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The Underworld Bonus Box Set
USD $9.99 digital
The Underworld Saga: Books 1-9, The Complete Set

USD $19.99 digital only

This set includes Thanatos, Challenge of Hades, A New Goddess, The House of Hades, The Athena Alliance, Hades's Promise, Hypnos, Hunting Prometheus, and Storming Olympus.