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Join the thrilling adventure aboard Prometheus's ship, the Marcella II. As tensions rise and alliances shift, you'll be drawn into a world where nothing is as it seems, and every turn of the page uncovers a new layer of love, deception, heartbreak, and betrayal.

"Vampires and Greek Mythology combined in one fabulous adventure!"--Brie Strauss, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Everything I've come to love and expect from Eva's book, was to be found in this latest episode, constant drama, intrigue and adventure, not forgetting the romance. Can't wait for more!"--Traceyann, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

This clean young adult series is complete.

PG 13: Violence, mild language, and no sex.

The cover for The Marcella II depicts a teenage girl standing between two teenage boys in front of an urban landscape.
The Marcella II, Book One

​Ebook USD $6.99 (on sale for $5.99)

Paperback Signed USD $15

Hardback Signed USD $20

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Click Other Stores)

After the murder of a friend, teen gods and demigods join forces to face a common threat, but unexpected romantic feelings complicate their mission.

Poseidon asks Prometheus and his troop of young gods aboard the Marcella II to search for pirates and their ship, the Tarantula. But in a twist of events that even the legendary gods couldn’t see coming, the Marcella II is found first, the young gods are captured, Prometheus is beheaded, and a mortal friend is killed.

Shocked by this turn of events, Hades recruits demigods Gertie and Hector to join in the effort to rescue the young gods and uncover the secret of the vampire pirate organization. But love and duty collide, and nothing goes as expected.

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The cover for Pirate Academy shows a teenage pirate wielding her blade.
Listen to a Sample!
Pirate Academy, Book Two

Ebook USD $6.99

Paperback Signed USD $15

Hardback Signed USD $20

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Click Other Stores)

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between love and hate.

After learning the truth behind the vampire pirates swarming the Mediterranean Sea, the young gods and demigods join forces with the vampires in the fight against corruption. But first, they must learn to be pirates. According to one of their leaders, Delphine, it's a dangerous art form that any can learn but not all can survive. Delphine also says there's no room for both love and war. And there's a war going on.

Yet, the heart wants what the heart wants.

The cover for Guardians of the Sea shows a female knight wielding a sword where she stands in the sea.
Guardians of the Sea, Book Three

​Ebook USD $6.99

Paperback Signed USD $15

Hardback Signed USD $20

Audiobook USD $16.99 -$24.99 (Click Other Stores) Coming Soon!


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


After enduring Delphine's dangerous training regimen, the young gods and demigods embark on a mission to take down the corrupt shipping company once and for all, to liberate victimized communities up and down the Mediterranean and nearby seas.


But unforeseen conflicts cause the young gods and demigods to question the nature of their mission, their purpose, and their relationships with one another.


In the face of impossible choices, how important are love, loyalty, and friendship? Moreover, how far should one go to defend those who can't defend themselves? Should one sacrifice everything?

The three books of the Vampires and Gods Series are shown in one hardback box set.
Vampires and Gods Omnibus

​Ebook USD $9.99

Paperback Signed USD $30

Audiobook USD $29.99 (Click on Other Stores) Coming Soon!


Buy all three books in one value omnibus!

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