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Reading Order

While The Mystery House Series and The Nightmare Collection may be read in any order, my other novels have been written in trilogies, and so it's important to read them in numerical order. In addition, I have three series based on Greek mythology that share the same world. While the series may be read in any order, this is the order that I recommend:

The Underworld Saga

Persephone: A Prequel (You could also read this after the other books in the series)


Challenge of Hades

A New Goddess

The House of Hades

The Athena Alliance

Hades's Promise


Hunting Prometheus

Storming Olympus

The Vampires of Athens Series

Vampire Addiction

Vampire Affliction

Vampire Ascension

Vampires and Gods

The Marcella II

Pirate Academy

Guardians of the Sea

Dionysus: A Prequel (can be read anytime)

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