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Ebook Only FREE

Everything a book lover needs in one place.

I compiled The Bookworm Bible using articles I've written over the years for book lovers on topics such as "Five Ways to Overcome a Reading Slump," "How to Write Easy Peasy Book Reviews," and "How to Decorate Your Bookshelves." Free resources--like a reading log, book review templates, and online reading journal--are included.

I'm not sure how many of these books I'm going to give away, so grab yours now! This guide is not available anywhere else.

Here's a peek at the contents:

The Benefits of Being a Book Lover

Literary Analysis 101

Five Ways to Overcome a Reading Slump

Reading and Mental Health

How to Read When You’re Too Busy

What Genre of Books Should You Read?

How to Start an Online Book Club

Preserving Your Paperbacks and Hardbacks

How to Decorate Your Bookshelves

Easy Peasy Book Reviews

Why Buy Self-Published Books?

How to Get the Most out of Audiobooks

Your Free Online Reading Journal

One Month of Social Media Posts for Book Lovers

Become a Successful Bookstagrammer

Using Character Foil Analysis


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