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I've created resources for readers of all kinds, including teachers and librarians. Please find them below these downloadable sell sheets.

Eva's sell sheet is shown with images of her, her books, and brief descriptions of her series.
The back of Eva's sell sheet shows her book covers and their ISBNs.


Greek Mythology Lesson Plans


Thanatos can be used in the junior or high school classroom using these lesson plans.


Greek Names Pronunciation Guide


Don't know how to pronounce the Greek names of your favorite characters? No worries! Check out this handy dandy Greek names pronunciation guide, developed by Debbie Andreen.


Map of the Underworld

Discover where the gods and the souls of the dead dwell in the Underworld.


Reading Log and Book Review Templates

Keep track of the books you read with this pretty printable reading log.


Printable color-Me Bookmarks

Choose from twelve different styles, or print them all.


Greek Mythology Bingo Game and Flashcards

Print out your own game and watch a free tutorial on how to play different versions.

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