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Free Printable Bookmarks

Discover Creative Expression with Free Printable Bookmarks

Introducing our collection of free printable bookmarks, designed to add a touch of creativity and flair to your reading adventures.

Printed on sturdy cardstock, these bookmarks serve as faithful companions, marking your progress through each chapter while adding a splash of color and personality to your reading repertoire.

With sixteen unique designs to choose from, each bookmark becomes a canvas for your imagination. Whether you prefer mythological characters like the Greek gods, spooky fun, nature motifs, or inspirational quotes, there's a design to suit every taste and literary preference.

Once printed, they eagerly await your personal touch. Grab your favorite coloring tools—be it markers, colored pencils, or watercolors—and let your creativity run wild.

These also make delightful gifts for fellow bookworms, offering a heartfelt token of appreciation for shared literary journeys and mutual love of storytelling. Slip them into birthday cards, tuck them into gift baskets, or distribute them at book club gatherings—each bookmark becomes a cherished memento, a tangible reminder of the joy found in the pages of a well-loved book.

Click on the pdfs below, download them to your device, print each sheet on cardstock, cut the bookmarks from the sheets, and then decorate them as you wish.

The Spooky Fun Printable Bookmark Collection:

The Greek Gods Printable Bookmark Collection:

The Greek gods printable bookmark collection

The Nature Motif Printable Bookmark Collection:

The nature motif printable bookmark collection.

The Quotes Printable Bookmark Collection:

The quote printable bookmark collection.

You can also laminate them, punch a hole in the top, and add a tassel!

If you'd like to make use of these bookmarks in some new books, please take a moment to browse mine. A USA Today bestselling author of over forty novels, I write paranormal mysteries, thrillers, and young adult fantasy based on Greek mythology. Click on the images below to learn more.

The first ten books in The Mystery House Series stand in paperback form before a purple background.

The three books in the Nightmare Collection in paperback.

The three books in The Purgatorium Series in paperback.

The ten books n The Underworld Saga in paperback form before a purple background.

The four books in The Vampires of Athens Series in paperback form.

The three books int he Vampires and Gods Series in paperback.

The three books in the Cupid's Captive Series in paperback.

I hope you enjoy your free printable bookmarks. Happy Reading!

Btw, if you don't already own The Bookworm Bible--my fifty-page comprehensive guide for book lovers compiled from articles I've written over the years on topics such as "How to Overcome a Reading Slump" and "How to Write Easy Peasy Book Reviews" with free resources such as a printable reading log, review templates, and an online reading journal--grab your free copy here.


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