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3 Ways to Level Up Your Reading Experience

I'm excited to introduce you to 3 ways to level up your reading experience--the operative word being "experience."

If you're like me, reading is a major part of your life, and although it's a solo activity, it jives well with your introverted tendencies. However, being part of a community--especially an online community that doesn't require you to leave the comfort of your reading chair and fur babies--sounds attractive.


How would you like to receive a package from me each month with specialized goodies--signed paperbacks, personal messages, bookmarks, stickers, mugs, apparel?

Every other month, members receive a paperback package that includes:

  • A signed paperback of their choice

  • A code to download the ebook 

  • A personal tarot reading or message

  • A bookmark 

  • A swaggish surprise

The Haunting of Hoover Dam in paperback, along with holiday mints that say, "Happy Holidays. Pohler Bear," a wooden polar bear shelf ornament, a bookmark, and a branded postcard on a teal envelop with teal flower pedals.

On the alternate months, they receive a special mug or apparel or journal or tote or some other merch from my store (and sometimes something exclusive you can't find anywhere else).

Additionally, they get an unlimited 15% off code to use anytime in the Eva Pohler Books store.

Also, all premium members are listed on an Acknowledgments page in my books from the time of joining. Talk about being immortalized!


Best of all, they receive digital ARCS (advanced reader copies) of books at least one week before release!

We also have zoom parties and book club discussions in the Pohler Bear Lounge on Facebook. I have other surprise bonuses in the works that I'll announce at a later date.

I currently have 42 Premium Pohler Bears and can handle another 8. If you'd like to join this community, claim your spot now. I will create a waitlist once we hit 50. For U.S. residents, it's $25 per month or $250 for the year (the annual subscription is a better value if you can afford it up front). For international readers, it's $45 per month, or $450 for the year. You can join by genre (Fantasy or Mystery/Thriller), or you can join the all-genre membership. Learn how you can become a Premium Pohler Bear here.

If you join by the 15th of this month, you'll receive this month's package!

Premium Pohler Bear Icons: the MoonTree logo but in white and god.

If anything arrives damaged, we replace it. Although we can't refund your membership, you can cancel your membership at anytime--though we know you won't want to! So far, everyone who has joined has been happy to be a member. The only people who have dropped out have done so because of financial reasons.

Which leads me to the second way you can level up . . .


If you can't afford to be a Premium Member, or if by the time you want to join, the spots are all taken, there's another way to level up. You can join Eva's Divas.

Eva's Divas get one digital goodie from me each month (their choice of an ebook or audiobook from my store) and are entered into a drawing for a signed paperback of their choice.

The only thing it costs to be a Diva is your time.

Eva's Divas provide me with social media support. They don't have to have a following of their own. They only need to open accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, YouTube, and their choice of either Twitter or TikTok.

They need to follow my accounts and like, share, and comment on my posts--any post they choose, not specific posts. That's it!

To be eligible for their rewards, they must like, share, and comment once a week on five of my channels. That's really just one task a day, Monday through Friday. That takes less than a minute.

I currently have 23 Divas signed up and can handle about 17 more, so if you'd like to join this month, you can hurry and get started by signing up here.

You aren't obligated to participate every month to be a Diva. Just join in when you can. If you have a busy month, you can step back and then rejoin the next month, or the next.

The Moon tree logo with the phrase "Eva's Divas."

Believe it or not, some of my Premium Pohler Bears have also opted to join Eva's Divas. YES! That's allowed!

However, if you're lacking in both time and money, there's a third way you can level up.


The Pohler Bear Lounge is a private group on Facebook where I interact with readers almost daily--at least a few times a week, depending on my writing deadlines.

Here are some of the things we do in there:

  1. Birthday Giveaway Each Month: On the first of the month, I create a Happy Birthday post and ask the readers born that month to comment for a chance to win an ebook or audiobook of their choice.

  2. Seasonal Giveaways: My annual seasonal giveaways include Countdown to Valentine's, Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways, July Fourth Giveaway, Fright and Delight Giveaway, 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, and Countdown to New Year's Giveaway.

  3. First Look: The readers in the lounge always see everything first--cover reveals, teasers, sales, etc.

  4. Book Club: Week-long read-alongs and discussions in our Book Club Book Chat (Messenger).

  5. Polls: I go to the lounge for feedback on everything from cover choices to book setting. It's a chance for my readers to weigh in!

A polar bear holding a book and the definition of a "Pohler Bear": An intelligent mammal that feeds chiefly on books written by Eva Pohler.

I cap the number of members in each community because right now I don't have the staff to accommodate more. One day, that may change, and then I might be able to open each membership up to more people. But, for now, it's 50 Premium Pohler Bears, 40 Eva's Divas, and 1300 Pohler Bears. So join now and level up your reading experience while we have open spots!


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