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Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways!

It's time for my annual Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways! During the week leading up to Easter, I'll be giving away one Easter Egg per day in the Pohler Bear Lounge.

The Pohler Bear Lounge is my private reader group on Facebook. Here are some of the things we do in there:

  1. Birthday Giveaway Each Month: On the first of the month, I create a Happy Birthday post and ask the readers born that month to comment for a chance to win an ebook or audiobook of their choice, along with a personal tarot reading (if they want it--not everyone is into tarot).

  2. Seasonal Giveaways: My annual seasonal giveaways include Countdown to Valentine's, Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways, July Fourth Giveaway, Fright and Delight Giveaway, 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, and Countdown to New Year's Giveaway.

  3. First Look: The readers in the lounge always see everything first--cover reveals, teasers, sales, etc.

  4. Book Club: Week-long read-alongs and discussions.

  5. Polls: I go to the lounge for feedback on everything from cover choices to book setting. It's a chance for my readers to weigh in!

My Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways will begin on Sunday, March 24th and will end on Monday, April 1st.

Each day, I'll ask readers to enter a giveaway with a "getting to know you" question, such as "What is your current read?"

The giveaways will stay open until the morning of Easter Monday, so that readers can enter at their convenience.

I'll announce the winners of the giveaways in a 20-minute live video in the lounge on Monday, April 1st at 4PM CST. The video can be watched later for those who can't be there live.

Here's a sneak peek at what I'll be giving away during my Eight Days of Easter Egg Giveaways:

A pink t-shirt that says, "I like Books and Maybe Three People."

This fun, bookish t-shirt comes in sizes small to 4X.

A paperback copy of Charon's Quest.

Since everyone got the ebook version for free in my Underworld Bonus Boxset promotion, we're doing book club reading of this in the lounge this week (March 18th through March 22). I thought a signed copy would be a fun thing to give away on the heels of that book club.

White mug with purple designs and text that reads, "A book a day keeps reality away."

This bookish mug has spring vibes, making it perfect for an Easter giveaway.

Earrings with images of books.

These Library Books Fun Earrings are a popular item in my store.

A straw woven tote.

This handmade straw woven tote is a new item in my store. I can't wait to get mine. I LOVE totes.

An ebook and paperback copy of The Haunted Bridge.

The Haunted Bridge is the newest release in my Mystery House Series. I'm giving an ebook and signed paperback copy away.

Book Reading Foldable Pillow Stand.

This Book Reading Foldable Pillow Stand is another popular item in my store. I love a handsfree reading experience. Don't you?

Wonderland Fashion Tote with Rabbit.

This Wonderland Fashion Tote comes in over twenty different variations. The winner can choose the one they like best. You can check out the Wonderland Totes here.


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