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Read The House of Hades, The Athena Alliance, and Hades's Promise in one paperback omnibus.  


The thrilling adventures continue for Therese, Than, Jen, and Hip in this next box set.

Just when things were looking up for Than and Therese, everything crumbles. Eighteen-year-old Therese Mills has second thoughts about marrying Thanatos when she learns that no god has ever been faithful to his wife. But before she can move out of Than's rooms and into Hecate's, the Underworld is attacked, she and her friends are crushed, the souls are unleashed, and a malevolent goddess threatens to unhinge Mount Olympus.

Hypnos has just made a deal with Hades to have his turn in the Upperworld, but before he can tempt Jen with a kiss, he's called back to rebind the souls and defend the House of Hades, and he unwittingly puts Jen and her family in harm's way. Can Hip, Than, and Therese save the living and the dead?

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Trilogy II.

For lovers of Greek mythology, paranormal romance, and action adventure stories.

"I caught myself holding my breath a lot. These are highly addictive and full of surprises."--Southernmermaid85, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"If you were hooked in 1-3 then 4-6 will NOT disappoint!!"--Weirdpup 13, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Awesome!! Love the continuation of Therese and Thans epic love story and how they overcome the obstacles that are before them. I love these books very much and recommend reading them all."--Sam, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

The Underworld Saga Omnibus, 4-6

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