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What Genre of Books Should You Read?

What Genre of Books Should You Read?

Answer the following questions to discover the type of books that align with your preferences and interests.

A girl surrounded by books and wearing books on her head has a question mark bubble over her.

1. What do you prefer to do in your free time?

a) Explore new places and go on adventures.

b) Spend time with friends and family, engaging in fun conversation and sharing meals.

c) Participate in creative activities like painting, writing, or crafting.

d) Dive into deep thoughts and philosophical ponderings.

e) Go on romantic dates or dream about future ones!

2. What kind of movies or TV shows do you enjoy the most?

a) Action-packed thrillers and suspenseful dramas.

b) Heartfelt dramas and comedies that evoke emotions.

c) Fantasy or science fiction with imaginative worlds and creatures.

d) Thought-provoking documentaries and intellectually stimulating series.

e) Love stories with happy endings.

3. How do you feel about romance in books?

a) Love it! It adds excitement and tension to the storyline.

b) It's nice if it's a subplot, but not the main focus.

c) I enjoy a good romance novel every now and then.

d) Not really my cup of tea.

e) Totally necessary for maximum enjoyment!

4. What setting would you prefer for a story?

a) Exotic locations and fast-paced environments.

b) Realistic settings with relatable characters and situations, though I'm open to ghosts.

c) Magical realms and fantastical landscapes.

d) Contemporary society with deep societal issues.

e) Contemporary and realistic with a touch of whimsy.

5. What keeps you turning the pages of a book?

a) Unpredictable plot twists and action-packed scenes.

b) Emotional depth and well-developed characters.

c) Imaginative world-building and fantastical elements.

d) Intellectual stimulation and philosophical themes.

e) Tensions between characters romantically involved.

6. How do you feel about series or trilogies?

a) Love them! I enjoy following characters through multiple adventures.

b) I prefer standalone novels, but I'm open to series if they're compelling.

c) Series are great, especially when they explore complex worlds.

d) I prefer standalone novels with a clear beginning and end.

e) Love both series and standalone stories, as long as they promise a happy ending.

7. What kind of endings do you prefer in books?

a) Explosive and action-packed, leaving me on the edge of my seat.

b) Uplifting, with characters experiencing growth and change.

c) Magical and enchanting, with a sense of wonder and possibility.

d) Thought-provoking, leaving me contemplating long after finishing the book.

e) Happily ever after for characters in love.

8. How important is it for you to learn something new from the books you read?

a) Not very important. I read primarily for entertainment.

b) Somewhat important. I enjoy gaining insights from different perspectives.

c) Moderately important. I love exploring new ideas and concepts.

d) Very important. I seek books that challenge my thinking and expand my knowledge.

e) Not important at all. I just want to escape!


Mostly A's: You might enjoy thrillers and suspense novels that keep you on the edge of your seat with their fast-paced action and unexpected twists.

You should check out these books:

Shop the Purgatorium Series, a young adult thriller series.

Shop the Nightmare Collection, a collection of three dark thrillers with deep philosophical themes.

Mostly B's: You would likely appreciate contemporary novels that delve deep into the human experience and offer relatable characters and situations.

You should check out these books:

Shop the Mystery House Series, a paranormal mystery series that heals the past.

Mostly C's: Fantasy and science fiction books could be your go-to genres, offering imaginative worlds, magical creatures, and epic adventures.

You should check out these books:

Shop the Underworld Saga, a young adult paranormal romance series based on Greek mythology.

Shop the Vampires of Athens Series, a young adult paranormal romance series based on Greek mythology and vampire lore.

Mostly D's: Philosophical and literary books might be your best fit, challenging your intellect and exploring complex themes and societal issues.

Check out these books, as they have deep plots that ask philosophical questions:

Shop the Nightmare Collection, a collection of three romantic thrillers with deep, philosophical themes.

Mostly E's: You would enjoy romance novels in which the love story drives the main plot and leaves you with a satisfying resolution.

Check out these books:

Shop the Cupid's Captive Series, a spicy paranormal romance series.

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What Genre of Books Should You Read?

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Preserving Your Paperbacks and Hardbacks

How to Decorate Your Bookshelves

Easy Peasy Book Reviews

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