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This final hardback anniversary volume of The Underworld Saga includes Hypnos, Hunting Prometheus, and Storming Olympus.


The next generation must fulfill a revolutionary destiny . . .

Hypnos and Jen aren’t married long when they realize something’s missing: they both want to have a child, especially when they see how happy Therese and Than are with their twins. But the creation of new gods is against the rules, and they aren’t willing to give up their immortality.

Hermie and Hestie never asked to be demigods. Unlike others of their kind, they aren’t interested in going on quests and being the center of a world-changing prophecy. But when Zeus learns of Apollo’s vision–of the twins finding Prometheus, Zeus’s number one enemy–the hunt for Prometheus begins. Zeus and his allies want to bind Prometheus and kill the twins before their threat of a revolution becomes a possibility. If Hermie and Hestie don’t find the Titan first, they have no chance of fulfilling their destiny or of surviving Zeus’s threat against them.

For lovers of Greek mythology, paranormal romance, and action adventure stories.

"I could not put these down."--Shawahna, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"A jam packed and emotional story! This series was an amazing adventure. You won't be able to put this down for a second. Mythology at its finest!"--Southernmermaid85, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

The Underworld Saga: Volume Three (Hardback)