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Not even magic can liberate her heart.


Hecate is a young Titan when Zeus rescues his siblings from the belly of Kronos and declares war on her people.  But when she's drawn into the arms of her enemy,  to the beautiful Demeter and her deeply passionate and charismatic ways, Hecate must choose between love and duty.


Having discovered her gifts and declared herself the goddess of magic, Hecate cannot understand why her supreme powers elude her when it comes to Demeter. Nothing can liberate her heart from the lively goddess.


Not long after Hecate gives up everything, Hecate's heart is shattered. As her powers of witchcraft strengthen, she could rival the likes of Zeus, the mightiest in the pantheon. Even so, her unflinching love for Demeter controls her every move. She's but a servant to Demeter's heart. Will she ever be anything more than this?

Hecate Paperback

Expected to ship on March 7, 2025.
  • This paperback is available for preorder and will be released on March 7, 2025. Should you order it now, your payment method will be charged and your signed book will be delivered a week after release.