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He had given up on love.

After he's banished from Mount Olympus through no fault of his own, Dionysus roams the earth in search of a purpose. He eventually creates his own magical vineyard on the island of Naxos, where he falls in love with Ariadne, who breaks his heart.

He distracts himself with wine and dancing and accidentally creates a group of companions that require human blood to survive. He becomes the lord of the vampires.

His hopes of using this new purpose as a means for respect among the other gods is dashed when the vampires destroy Athens and become the scourge of the human race. Dionysus neglects the vampires and spends his time drowning his sorrows with wine and dancing until . . .

Fast forward to modern times, when he meets a beautiful anthropologist who shares her strange theory with him: the great writer Euripides was a vampire. As he helps her to build a case, he is pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between them. Does he dare open himself up to love again?


This prequel can be read before or after the other books in this series.

Dionysus: A Prequel to the Vampires of Athens (Hardback)

  • Customers outside of the U.S. will receive signed bookplates to adhere to the inside covers of their books, as they will be shipped directly from the printer.

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