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Crystal Salt



A teen from New York studies abroad in Athens, Greece and becomes addicted to the bite of a vampire, which gives her temporary powers. After falling for a demigod, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst to war between the vampires, who want freedom at any cost, and demigods, who want only to protect the city.

Discover the ancient city of Athens where shadows conceal centuries-old secrets and forbidden love ignites like a flame in the night.

A clean, young adult series, The Vampires of Athens is complete with three books and a prequel.

PG 13: Violence, mild language, and no sex.

Save BIG and Get the Set

The vampires od Athens box set book 1-3.
The Vampires of Athens Box Set Ebook.png
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The Vampires of Athens Box Set

Ebook USD $9.99 (on sale for $7.99)

Paperback Omnibus USD $29.99, Signed USD $30

Hardback Bundle Signed USD $50 (sleeve not included)

Audiobook USD $29.99 (Click on Other Stores)

Fans of Twilight will enjoy the complicated love triangle that develops between a teen from New York, studying abroad in Athens, and the hot boys she's crushing on. 

When she discovers that one's a vampire and the other's a demigod--polarized groups on the verge of war--she does everything in her power to make them friends, but their love for her and their jealousy of each other get in the way, and rather than staving it off, she becomes a catalyst to war.

"Great first book in the series! Loved the connection between vampires and Greek mythology. Can't wait to see what happens next!"--Michelle Madow, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Elementals Series and The Vampire Wish Series.★★★★★

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