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Curses, Calamity, and Death . . .


Ellen, Sue, and Tanya next venture to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Tasked with cleansing an Airbnb of a mischievous spirit, the case takes a sinister turn when Ellen hears inexplicable voices echoing from the natural springs, speaking in an ancient tongue. As the ominous messages unfold, foretelling curses, calamities, and death, Ellen realizes they're bound by an ancient curse, set to unravel with the approaching summer solstice.

Delving deeper into the area's dark history and legends, Ellen and her friends find themselves trapped within Al Capone's secret tunnel beneath Josephine Tussaud's Wax Museum. And the threats they face extend beyond the supernatural, motivated by something far less enigmatic: greed.

Voices in the Vapors Audiobook

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