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Haunted Alamo Plaza

My daughter and I stayed at Hotel Gibbs in downtown San Antonio at Alamo Plaza to conduct paranormal investigations there and at nearby Main Plaza.

We started at Main Plaza in a shadowy corridor between the San Fernando Cathedral and another building, where, despite music and a light show, we used an Ovilus app to talk to a ghost named Scott. He was very talkative but seemed leery about digging into old regrets.

From there, we went to the Alamo but had no luck with the Ovilus app until we moved to the memorial across the street. There, the app went crazy. We think several spirits were trying to speak to us at once.

The bulk of our investigation was performed in our hotel room. The hotel itself sits where the fort once stood, where the first breach occurred in the Battle of the Alamo. Candace and I used the Estes Method, which was developed by a couple of paranormal investigators a few years ago in Estes Park, Colorado. We believe we may have spoken to soldiers from both sides of the conflict. We even

You can watch a video with the highlights of our investigation here:


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