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A New YA Fantasy Series

I announced a new YA fantasy series to my reader group and newsletter subscribers earlier this month and meant to write a post about it. The series is called Gods and Monsters. Each book will feature a different character from Greek mythology that has godlike and monster-like qualities. The first of these is Athena.

Here's the blurb:

Even the wise can be fools in love . . .


She grows up in the belly of her oppressive father, where she watches her mother build her armor and hatches plans for escape. Once freed, she becomes her father's favorite--a loyal subject, warrior, and advocate who stands by her father even when her favorite is sentenced for treason and chained to a rock, where his liver is eaten daily by Zeus's eagle. Then, her hopes for a reunion with Prometheus are crushed when he disappears, and years of searching prove futile. With a hardened heart, Athena becomes a powerful leader of the Olympians.


But when Prometheus returns from the shadows, her loyalties are challenged, her heart stirs with unquenchable passion, and her immortal life is forever changed.

Each book in the series will be told in two parts: ancient times and modern times. Although they'll include the character's origin story and most of the major canonical mythology points, the central focus will be a love story. The books will also stand alone and can be read in any order.

If you've read Dionysus, my optional prequel to The Vampires of Athens Series, you'll have an idea of what you can expect in the Gods and Monsters Series.

You may have noticed two different covers depicted in the first image above. That's because I'm doing something a little different with this new YA fantasy series. I'm using character art for the paperback and ebook version, like the image above, and I'm using symbolic art for the hardback and audiobook, like the owl cover below.

Like the first book, the covers for the second book for this new YA fantasy series have also been made by the very talented Gabriela of BRoseDesignz, but I'm going to hold off announcing the subject of that book, because I want to surprise you!

Meanwhile, the first book, Athena, is available for preorder and will release in all formats on April 25th. By all formats, I mean ebook, paperback, hardback, and audiobook.


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