Twenty of My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts on Instagram

I’m a Bookstagram addict, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Ah, Bookstagram! I just love looking at all the beautiful photography of all my favorite things–books, tea cups, flowers, bookmarks, and did I mention BOOKS?

Every day, I go to Instagram and search up Bookstagram so I can go through all the pretty photos. I get so much inspiration for books I want to read!

Recently, I searched through some of my favorite accounts and thought I’d share them with you. You may be following some of them, and some you may not have discovered yet.

These are in no particular order–I promise!

For light and airy photos that combine lovely textures, follow

If you love tea, coffee, and food with your books, follow

For sparkle, texture, and studies in contrast, follow

For lots of color with your fantasy novels, follow

If you love the classics, world travel, and social activism, you should follow

If you enjoy interesting architecture and design in your book photography, follow

Flowers, candles, color, and sunshine… this account has it all:

For the hottest reads in the YA community, check out this account:

If you love beachy colors, coffee, and literary novels, this account is for you:

For gorgeous studies in contrast, follow

If you want to see some truly beautiful patterns in your book photography, follow

I just love the artistic placement of books in this account:

You’ll find the prettiest textures in the backdrops of the photos of this account:

Beautiful floral arrangements add to the color and brilliance of the photos here:

This account uses interesting arrangements of props with gorgeous books:

I just love the use of color in the photos at booksugar: Great eye candy, for sure!

I adore the way this account plays with light and color:

Almost every photo in this account incorporates a striking pop of color. So pretty! Follow here:

I thoroughly enjoy the way this account arranges books. The books themselves are like flowers in a boquet. Check them out here:

And last, but not least, for your viewing pleasure…This account packs beautiful textures and color with my favorite fantasy reads:

I hope my recommendations offered you some wonderful new Bookstagram accounts to try! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you are a Bookstagram addict like me, please recommend your favorite accounts (including your own) in the comments. Have a great day!


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