White Teeth and Fresh Breath

White Teeth and Fresh Breath: This Friday's Health and Beauty Topic

White teeth and fresh breath have become other components of my self-improvement journey, along with weight loss and exercise.

My teeth became a focus for self-improvement when I began to notice how yellow they looked in recent photos from author signings. I thought I would just smile with my mouth closed for photos, but my natural smile is big and wide, and I can't ever seem to remember to keep my lips together!

Then I found a Groupon for a laser teeth whitening treatment. Unlike my friend, who got the gel on her gums and had to end the treatment early due to severe pain, my experience was painless; however, a week later, my teeth looked yellow again.

So then I tried buying an over-the-counter gel kit, but the idea of sitting with that gook in my mouth for a half hour has deterred me from even trying it. Talk about a waste of money!

When I looked into the whitening strips, I read that because the strips can't get in between teeth and gums, the whitening may be uneven. Forget that!

Then, I came across an article on the internet written by a dentist. The article recommended a "slow and steady" approach to teeth whitening. Instead of lazer whitening or over-the-counter gel or strips, the article suggested a daily rinse of hydrogen peroxide.

I'd never tasted hydrogen peroxide and was expecting it to be gross, but it was nearly tasteless, especially compared to the apple cider vinegar solution I tried--another recommendation in the same article (yuck!).

For a week now, I have rinsed my teeth with straight hydrogen peroxide each evening before bedtime, and I can already see a difference. Sometimes I do it in the morning, just because I like the way it makes my mouth feel germfree. The added benefit? I don't have the same issues with bad breath! Talk about a win-win!

For less than you would pay at the pharmacy or grocery store, you can buy a two-pack of 32 ounce bottles of hydrogen peroxide for $8.43 from Amazon and get free same-day shipping. I buy almost everything from Amazon now so my trips to the grocery store are quicker and less frequent.

If you want to order your own hydrogen peroxide, click here.

Here's to our beautiful smiles and skinny bodies (full disclosure: I went way off my diet today, but tomorrow I'm getting right back on!)

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