Tough Work Ahead, Tarot Says, by Eva Pohler

Tough Work Ahead, According to This Week's Tarot

We have some tough work ahead of us this week, according to the tarot. The combination of Atlas, Gaia, and Hades means we must shed unnecessary responsibilities, weed our garden to make it fertile, and let go of something that is holding us back and, in some ways, killing us.

Take a look at the spread:

Atlas is here to remind us that, if things need changing, it's up to us to change them. He urges us to quit carryiing around unnecessary burdens because of societal or superficial pressures. Shoulder what is most important, and let the rest go.

If we do not allow the unimportant things to slide off our backs, we will be held back by the weight of the world. We can't seek the approval of others in this case. We must put our health and sanity first.

Taking care of ourselves is the best gift we can give to the world. We only have one oportunity to live this life. We can't waste it.

Gaia's presence further reinforces this notion of getting rid of the unnecessary. Mother Earth wants us to weed our garden. If toxic elements are strangling you, cut them out of your life. You cannot be fruitful if you're smothered in weeds.  Tkae care of your personal space. Focus on the most important things and cut off the parts of your life that are dead and holding you back. If you  nuture the ground for future growth, you can create anything you want with your life.

Hades has appeared to add to this message of cutting off the dead parts. In fact, his presence means that, if we don't let go of whatever it is that's holding us back, we will sabotage our own success. If you want to reclaim your power and transform into your future self, you must let go of the past. Stop lying to yourself. Sometimes our own delusions are the things we must kill.

Once you can unshoulder unnecessary burdens, weed the toxicity from your life, and let go of the lies you're telling yourself, you will finally move on to the next chapter of your life, where you will be liberated and transformed!







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