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Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway

It's almost time for my annual Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway in the Pohler Bear Lounge. If you're not a member of the lounge, you're missing out. I run seasonal giveaways in there and chat with readers nearly every day. I seek cover advice and make all my book announcements there first. You can join the Pohler Bear Lounge on Facebook here.

Consider this your personal invitation to join me and the other Pohler Bears as we countdown to Valentine's Day. The event will begin on Saturday, February 10th with a single giveaway post--my FIRST VALENTINE. I'll post a new Valentine giveaway each day--leaving them open until the evening of the 14th.

Some of you may have big, romantic plans on the fourteenth, but for those who don't, you're invited to my ZOOM party, where I'll announce all the Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway winners, play games, and award one or two more prizes. The Zoom party will begin at 6:30 PM CST on Wednesday the 14th and will only take 30 minutes. I'll record it and post the reply in the lounge. On the night of the event, you can join the party here.

Here's a look at what I'll be giving away during the Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway.

First up for grabs is this beautiful "Just one more chapter" pendant. I love wearing mine. The chain is a good length, and the text really stands out. You can find this necklace in my store here.

My second Valentine will be a $20 Amazon gift card. One of these days, I plan to create gift cards that can be used in my store--hopefully by Easter, when I do my annual Eight Days of Easter Eggs!

It wouldn't be a Valentine's Giveaway without a book about Eros, also known as Cupid! This Valentine includes both the ebook and a signed paperback.

Like the third, this fourth Valentine includes the ebook and signed paperback edition. I chose The Hidden Tunnel of all the books in The Mystery House Series to give away because it's the only one that contains a romance. These books can be read in any order, so it's okay if you start with this one.

Because many of us enjoy spending time with our book boyfriends and book girlfriends, I thought this "Emotionally Attached to Fictional Characters" T-Shirt was a good choice for my fifth Valentine. It comes in black, too. You can find it in my store here.

As I said before, the Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway will culminate in a thirty-minute ZOOM party on Valentine's Day at 6:30 PM CST. You can join the night of the event here.

During the Zoom event, one of the prizes I'll give away is this adorable Valentine's Day T-Shirt for book lovers.

It also comes in hot pink, and there's a mug in my store of the same design. You can find them here.

Well, that about wraps up your sneak peek and invitation to my Countdown to Valentine's Giveaway. I hope to see you there in the Pohler Bear Lounge!


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