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Curses, Calamity, and Death . . .


Ellen and her friends visit Hot Springs, Arkansas to relax and recover from a troubling paranormal investigation only to hear voices in the vapors each time they visit the springs. No one else at the spa seems to hear the ghostly voices, and what they have to say isn't very nice. They promise curses, calamities, and death if Ellen and her friends don't free them before the coming summer solstice. After Ellen and her friends dig deeper into the history and legends of the area, they find themselves running for their lives in Al Capone's secret tunnel beneath Josephine Tassaud's Wax Museum. Will they escape the curse, or will this be the end of Ghost Healer's Inc.?

Voices in the Vapors

Expected to ship by July 1st.
  • This hardback is available for preorder and will release on July 4, 2024.