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Get Caught Reading Month: Summer Reading Made Easy

May is Get Caught Reading Month - a nationwide public service campaign launched by the Association of American Publishers to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read. I've taken the liberty of making a summer reading timeline for Pohler Bears! Ready to get started?

An infographic suggests a summer reading timeline:Greek mythology for May, ghost mysteries for June, thrillers for July, and vampires for august.

May is for Greek mythology! Get your summer reading off to a great start. With the release of Athena, it's time to re-read or get caught up on all nine books in The Underworld Saga, plus the prequel and two companion novels.

June is ghost mysteries month! It's the time to reread or get caught up on all the books in The Mystery House Series in time for the July 4th release of Voices in the Vapors. Summer reading never felt so other-worldly!

July is a month for thrillers! This would be a great time to reread or check out the books in The Nightmare Collection, followed by The Purgatorium Series, to keep your spine tingling on those hot summer nights (if you live in the northern hemisphere. Curl up to the chills if you live in the southern).

Last but not least, August is for vampires! Travel to Athens and experience high sea adventures on the Mediterranean and Arabian Seas while falling in love with The Vampires of Athens and the Vampires and Gods Series. What a better way to wrap up your summer reading?


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