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Become An Eva Pohler Books Affiliate

How would you like to earn money by doing something that you already enjoy--recommending books to your friends (specifically, my books)?

It's super easy to become an affiliate on my website. An app takes care of everything--generating affiliate links, tracking your commissions, and paying you via Paypal.

First, make sure you're already a member of my site. If you aren't, just scroll back up to the header and look for the log in bar. Click on it to create an account.

Once you're a member of my site, you'll then need to sign up for my affiliate program. To do that, go to this page and answer the questions.

You'll be asked to verify your affiliate account via an email. Once you're in, it's easy peasy.

You'll find four tabs at the top of your affiliate membership page: "Home," "Marketing Tools," "Payments," and "Settings"--all in one place.

You can use a general referral link, which you'll find on your "Home" tab on the affiliate membership page, or you can create product-specific referral links on the "Marketing Tools" tab. You can also keep track of your payments on the "Payments" tab and change your profile settings--such as adding a profile image--on the "Settings" tab.

You'll also find media assets--graphics for social media posts--on the "Marketing Tools" tab.

Best of all, you can use your affiliate link to get a 10% commission on your own direct purchases!

I want to make sure you understand that you will only make commissions from purchases your referrals make directly from me. I can't pay commissions on purchases made at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, or other vendors. Most of those places also have affiliate programs, so feel free to sign up there as well.

My program is more generous, however. Most affiliate programs offer a commission of less than 5% of sales. For example, I'm an affiliate of Amazon, where I earn 3.5% on sales I refer. Last month, I referred $1720 in sales at Amazon, and guess how much I made? $60.

If you referred that much in sales on my site, you'd make $172. See the difference?

If you'd like to see all the products I sell directly on my site, go here (you can make your commissions on any of these products except the premium memberships).

To get started, go here.

Let's have some fun and make some money together!

Btw, if you don't already own The Bookworm Bible--my fifty-page comprehensive guide for book lovers compiled from articles I've written over the years on topics such as "How to Overcome a Reading Slump" and "How to Write Easy Peasy Book Reviews" with free resources such as a printable reading log, review templates, and an online reading journal--grab your free copy here.


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