The End of Therese’s Journey, and Mine

Gatekeeper's Daughter Ebook CoverWhen I first planned out The Gatekeeper’s Saga back in 2010, it was actually The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy. I was amazed by the outreach from readers asking me to please continue the series. I was more than happy to comply to their wishes, because I wasn’t ready to let go of the characters yet, either.

Even now, I am actually crying like a baby as I write this post. Yes, my kids probably think I need to be admitted! But I am sitting here sobbing because I am so overwhelmed with emotions.

I am, first of all, HAPPY that I was able to accomplish what seemed like the most daunting ambition to the newbie author I was four years ago. The idea putting ONE book out into the universe to be loved (or not) by readers was terrifying enough, not to mention three, and then six! Thankfully, the majority of readers have loved Therese’s story (more than not), and I’m proud of myself for finishing it. I am truly satisfied with the ending I gave to my beloved characters.

But I am also SAD! Oh, here come the tears again! I am SAD that I won’t be crafting more adventures for my favorite cast of characters. Their adventures continue, but not in my books (at least, not until I write Hermes and Hestia! When I write that book, I will be able to visit the entire cast again, even though they will all be secondary characters. That book isn’t slated to be written for another year, but at least I’m not saying goodbye forever!).

And I am also EXCITED! I can’t wait to read what everyone thinks of the conclusion to GatekeepersPromiseEbook finalmy biggest project to date. So please, please, please! Hurry up and read and tell me what you think! I will be anxiously scouring Goodreads and all the retailers for your reviews!

I am also DETERMINED to give you more adventurous stories and lovable characters to make you want to read and read and read! For readers of suspense, The final book in The Purgatorium Series will release in mid-February. And for those of you who can’t get enough gods and goddesses, I’m working on The Vampires of Athens–a three-book series which combines Greek mythology and vampire lore.

And, finally, I am GRATEFUL to all of you for your support, encouragement, and feedback. I can’t speak for all writers, but for me, the best part of creating stories is reading the reactions written by readers in their reviews, tweets, and Facebook posts. Every time I stumble upon a phrase like, “This whole saga is amazing!”, my soul soars! I just love knowing that my creations have given others an exciting ride. (There’s probably a name for that. It’s probably some kind of disorder. And probably most artists suffer from it.)

So thank you for going the journey with me! I hope you will tag along for the rest of the ride!

If you’d like to celebrate the release of this final book with me and some of the characters from the saga, please join us on Facebook on October 1st at 7 PM CST. Ten games and ten prizes!

Release Day Party with the Olympians


Dallasites! Planoians! Mark Your Calendars!

Barnes and Noble

The Plano Barnes & Noble Booksellers is having me in their store for a meet and greet event on Saturday, October 4th, 2PM-4PM. I hope I’ll see some of you there!

I’m bringing my Tarot of the Mythic Oracle for those who might want a reading. Also, anyone who purchases one of my books will get this amazing 2015 Calendar:

Medusa Calendar

Also, anyone who signs up for my newsletter will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of The Athena Locket or the “I’m a BOOK G[R]EEK” t-shirt.

Athena Locket Collage

Greek on t-shirt frontThe Plano Barnes & Noble is located at 801 W 15th Street, Suite E.

Please tell your friends!


Houstonians! Mark Your Calendars!

Get Your Greek on Event in Houston

We are going to have a BLAST!

If you love Greek mythology, you won’t want to miss this event. You will have a chance to SHOW OFF YOUR KNOWLEDGE as we play Greek mythology Jeopardy and Bingo.

And if you don’t know much about the Greek gods, that’s OKAY. You can STILL WIN! And when you leave, you WILL know something about them, lol!

I’m bringing along my custom, ginormous, Greek mythology bingo cards, fully illustrated with the gods, goddesses, heroes, and mythological beings, created by my amazing artist, Desiree DeOrto. To give you a taste, here’s her rendition of Medusa!



And you won’t believe the prizes! T-shirts, pomegranate dark chocolate, pomegranate sachets, totes, and jewelry!

Best of all, we have an amazing line up of authors. Nely Cab, Aimee Carter, Tera Lynn Childs, Kristen Day, and P.J. Hoover will be joining me. We’ll talk about our books, share our writing journeys, and answer your questions, all while donning our very best TOGAS! (Although I just might come as Medusa–I haven’t decided.) We HOPE you will come in toga, too.

If you DO come in TOGA, we’ll have a special surprise just for you!

Can’t wait! Here’s the address:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

5656 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, Texas 77505

Book Conference Fun at Penned Con and More!

Penned Con Arch

I had such a blast attending Penned Con in St. Louis last week! The conference was organized by Rick and Amy Miles to raise money for Action Against Autism and to celebrate authors and readers. Over $11,000 dollars were raised and hundreds of writers, readers, and other industry professionals attended. I enjoyed the panels and presentations and learned lots !of valuable info. I especially enjoyed hearing Mark Coker, of Smashwords, speak. I have so much admiration for what he has done for self-publishing!

Did you know that there's a Parthenon in St. Louis? It's on top of a building!

Did you know that there’s a Parthenon in St. Louis? It’s on top of a building!

I was also excited to meet up with my author friends– especially Alison Pensy and Susan Burdorf. It was also AMAZING to see members from my street team in person and to share fun times with them! My “Eva’s Divas” are all so creative, smart, and beautiful! One of these days, I will be reading THEIR published works!

Speaking of published works, I made quite a few new author friends whose books sound awesome! Needless to say, my TBR list grows longer by the minute!


I'm reading for Raquel.

I’m reading for Raquel.

Although I didn’t get to spend time with nearly enough people, I had a blast reading cards, visiting at the hotel bar, dining at Maggie O’Brien’s, and walking the streets of St. Louis with people I adore!

Penned Con

Ren and Susan on way to airport.


I can’t wait until next year!


Penned Con 1

Tara, Auburn, Amy, Eric, Desiree, Raquel, Alison, and Renea.


Amanda, Julie, Jessica, Raquel, Renae, Alison, Me, Susan, Eric, and Amy.









I can’t believe I have two more amazing conferences coming up in October: Indie ReCon in Salt Lake City (at which I’ve been nominated for an award–fingers crossed!) and Author Reader Con in Phoenix!

If you are planning to attend one or both of these fun conferences and would like to reserve copies of my books, please fill out the forms below!

KSAT 12 Reports on the Inspiration Behind The Purgatorium Series

Myra Arthur of KSAT 12 News interviewed me today about the Purgatorium Coverinspiration behind my newest young adult series. The Purgatorium portrays an island off the coast of California, where people go wanting to die and leave fighting to live. It was inspired by a tragedy in my neighborhood three years ago.

Fourteen-year-old Mason McCoy took his life over an inappropriate text. This story, told to me by a mutual friend of mine and the mother, Dawn McCoy, inspired me to revisit a manuscript which I had already started and which, because of this tragedy, begged to be finished.

To see the television coverage and to read the complete interview, please visit the KSAT 12 Website here.

We Have Winners from Goodreads!

Book ToteCongratulations to these three winners of my giveaway at Goodreads. They will each receive a signed Advanced Reader’s Copy of The Gatekeeper’s Promise: Gatekeeper’s Saga, Books Six AND and an “I’m a BOOK G[R]EEK” tote!

Jodilyn Cox, Cassandra Edwards, and Tashia Jennings!


You will be receiving your prizes as soon as possible. Those of you who did not win might want to go ahead and pre-order your copy. You can order it from most retailers. You can also get the first book FREE. Find your preferred retail links for both the free book and the pre-order here

The book releases on October 1st! I hope you’ll join my Release-Day Party with the Olympians here. Athena will be giving away a locket, and there will be lots of other prizes, including Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Pomegranate Sachets!

Release Day Party with the Olympians

Goodreads Giveaway of Signed Gatekeeper’s Promise ARC

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Gatekeeper's Promise by Eva Pohler

The Gatekeeper’s Promise

by Eva Pohler

Giveaway ends September 15, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


Otherworlds: Twelve Young Adult Fantasy Books to Benefit the Hungry

How can a child focus on solving a math problem or memorizing a new word when she or he is trying to ignore the persistent pangs of hunger? 

Across the country, teachers and school nurses have found that in some instances, Monday morning comes and they are forced to compete against hunger for the attention of their students. More than 18 million children qualify for free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program, the fuel that they need to get them through the week. What happens to these children when they go home over the weekend?

For more than 15 years, the Feeding America BackPack Program has been helping children get the nutritious and easy-to-prepare food they need over the course of the weekend. Today, bags of food assembled at more than 150 local food banks are distributed at the end of the week to nearly 230,000 children every year.  With your help, we can provide more.

Feeding America is the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. For less than one dollar, you can help.

Twelve young adult authors have come together to form Otherworlds: Twelve Young Adult Fantasy Books to Benefit the Hungry. One hundred percent of the authors’ proceeds from the sale of this charitable boxed set will be donated to Feeding America.

Otherworlds Boxed Set Cover Final

For ninety-nine cents, you can help feed America’s hungry while feeding your imagination with twelve other worlds:

Eternal Starling (Emblem of Eternity, #1), by Angela Corbett
Pawn (Nightmares Trilogy, #1),  by Sophie Davis
The Prophecy (Divinity Stone, #1), by Desiree DeOrto
Through Glass Novella Series (#4, #5, #6), by Rebecca Ethington
Final Life (The Transhuman Chronicles, #1), by Rose Garcia
Reality (The Arie Chronicles, #1), by Dani Hart
Hunted (Dark Secrets, #1), by Allie Juliette Mousseau
The Amulet (Custodian Novel, #1), by Alison Pensy
Betraying Innocence, by Airicka Phoenix
The Gatekeeper’s Sons (Gatekeeper’s Saga, #1), by Eva Pohler
Halo City, by Mary Ting
Blood and Snow (Blood and Snow #1), by RaShelle Workman

Pre-order date: September 1st       Release Date: September 15

Otherworlds is available now for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon (You may have to wait a few days for Amazon to price match the ninety-nine cents).

It will soon be available at your other favorite ebook sellers, so stay tuned and thanks in advance for your support!

Here is a list of bloggers participating in the promo book tour. Please visit these other amazing blogs!

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Penned Con Is Almost Here, and Please Vote for Me!

Have you purchased your tickets yet for Penned Con? This event takes place in St. Louis on Friday, September 12th and Saturday, September 13th. Readers, bloggers, authors, and other industry professionals will be attending, so please join us! You can purchase your tickets here.

I will be selling my signed paperbacks via pre-order only. If you want to get copies from me at Penned Con, please fill out this form so I can be sure and bring along books for you. Payment will not be due until you receive your copies, and all books are on sale for $5 each!


If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, then you are already aware that I was nominated for Best Author of Adult Fiction 2014 at Indie ReCon Live in Salt Lake City. Less than two days of voting remain, and I have been neck and neck with one other author. If you feel I deserve this award please vote for me here. It only takes a few seconds.

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