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The Kindle Version of The Gatekeeper’s Promise Is Available for Pre-Order Now Too!

GatekeepersPromiseEbook finalRemember when I announced that The Gatekeeper’s Promise, the sixth and final book of The Gatekeeper’s Saga, was available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords? (If you missed it, here is the post.)

Well, I’m excited to announce that it is now available for Kindle at Amazon, too! Woot-woot!

Before Therese and Thanatos can come to terms with the uncertain future of their unborn twins, Poseidon is attacked and both his wife and trident are stolen.

In this final installment of The Gatekeeper’s Saga, Therese is forced to deliver her babies in the midst of an all-out war with enemies more powerful than the Olympians.

I know many of you have been asking me about it, so please click here to order your copy!

Release date is October 1st!



Whisper by Heather Hildenbrand

New Adult Paranormal Fantasy

The Cherokee believe when a person dies, their soul is reborn. Life is repeated. An endless cycle of lessons to be learned, love to be found, destiny to be fulfilled. For the past six months, in every flower, every bird, I’ve imagined my parents, relieved of their human forms.

Now, after five months at the Skye View Wellness Center, it was summer. A time for parties and friends, but that’s the last thing I want to do. So when my best friend Erin convinces me to attend a bonfire at Eagle Point, I can’t handle the crowd full of sympathetic stares or drunken class clowns who would use my tragedy as a way into my heart – or my pants. The solitude of the woods offers an escape, until I stumble upon a boy, unconscious and bleeding, his pockets stuffed not with identification but with poetry illustrating the beauty of dying. I’ve seen enough death. I will not leave this boy’s side.

Even after he wakes, when the only thing he can remember are visions of events that haven’t happened yet…


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About the Author:

Author of Across the Galaxy, Whisper, and the Dirty Blood series. I write, read, and fuss at my kids. Oh, and I do laundry, lots of laundry. I’m pretty good at it, too. Sometimes I even read WHILE doing laundry – and fussing at my kids. I’m a multi-tasker.

For more information on my books, release dates, or just general stalker material, um, I mean FAN material, visit my website. I love hearing from readers!

Likes and dislikes? I love vintage tees, hate socks with sandals, and if my house was on fire the one thing I’d grab is my Amazon Fire TV! (oh yeah, I’m a fan of puns.)

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Witch Hunter Olivia, by T.A. Kuntz

Here’s what New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors are saying about Witch Hunter Olivia by T.A. Kunz:


“Witch hunters and sexy tattoo artists? This New Adult Paranormal is EVERYTHING fans of romance and action are looking for.”

- #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout

“A fun, action-packed, enjoyable read!”

- New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack

“The perfect blend of New Adult and Paranormal. It’s absolutely fantastic!”
- New York Times bestselling author Nichole Chase

~ ~ ~

Reviewers are calling Witch Hunter Olivia “amazing, fun, well-written, and entertaining.” You don’t want to miss the hottest New Adult paranormal romance of the summer!



In the town of Piedmont Pointe, where paranormal is the norm, a girl can easily get herself in over her head with a single wrong move. Unfortunately for Olivia Adams, she’s about to make several.

Starting over is never easy, but it seemed like the only option to Olivia. The decision to turn her back on the Guild of Witch Hunters, the very group she devoted her entire life to, was one of the hardest things she ever did. It meant leaving her family, her friends, and her old identity behind forever. Coming to terms with what caused her to abandon her duties in the first place was even harder.

While trying to lay low and stay off the Guild’s radar, Olivia finds herself thrust back into her old ways after unknowingly interrupting an assassination hit on a powerful witch. What follows is the last thing she ever thought she’d agree to do–protect the very thing she was groomed to hunt.

To complicate things even further, Olivia begins to develop feelings for a tattoo artist who also happens to be half warlock, and no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can’t resist her inescapable draw to him. Olivia’s forbidden relationship isn’t her only issue though, because once the mystery behind the assassination attempt starts to unravel, she’s forced to choose sides when the loyalties still tied to her past life are tested again.

So much for the idea of a fresh start.


Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AUS ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo



Author T.A. Kunz has always had a fondness for reading thrilling mysteries and action-packed urban fantasies. So, it was no surprise when T.A. decided to write stories that they’d fall into one of those two genres. T.A. lives in Central Florida with two fur babies and a mechanical engineer who also happens to be quite the culinary badass, which there are no complaints about. Being a self-diagnosed caffeine addict, many joke that T.A.’s addiction to Starbucks coffee will likely be their downfall later in life.


Website ~ Twitter

The Gatekeeper’s Promise Is Available for Pre-Order at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords!

GatekeepersPromiseEbook final

Coming October 1, 2014!

Before Therese and Thanatos can come to terms with the uncertain future of their unborn twins, Poseidon is attacked and both his wife and trident are stolen.

In this final installment of The Gatekeeper’s Saga, Therese is forced to deliver her babies in the midst of an all-out war with enemies more powerful than the Olympians.

Available for pre-order!

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Master List of Winners from the Gatekeeper’s Promise Cover Reveal Party and Rafflecopter!

Master List of Winners (Event and Rafflecopter):
$25 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card: Destiny Wright
Tarot Reading #1: Cathy Redhotness Jackson
GKS Books 1-5 plus tote and button: Benita Wilson
Gatekeeper’s Saga T-shirt: Kimberly DeFabio
Tarot reading #2 Vandana
Athena Locket: Tori Gould
Book G[R]EEK T-Shirt: Danielle Domingue
Tarot Reading #3: Karrie Merriman
$40 Gift Card: Erin Kleeberger
Reader’s Choice by Angel Lawson: Christina Shays
Quickbane by Chelsea Starling: Alisha May
Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt: Pamela Leonhardt
Sticks and Stones by Shawn McGuire: Debb Lavoie
Reap and Pariah by Casey Bond: Ann Bray-Merritt
Darkest Legacy by Allyson Gottlieb: Robyn Donnelly
Honey Queen by Christina Mercer: Heather Bell
First Impression by Pauline Creeden: Cody Smith-Candelaria
From Gods and Crossroads by Mary Ting: Stephanie Grant
St. James Chronicles by Colleen Blackstone: Brian Lane
Custodian Novels by Alison Pensy: CJ Schindler
Prophecy by Stacie Wilson: Cindy Wells
A Secret Life by Rachael Brownell: Jennifer M Young
Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon: Angela Fitzgerald
A Creatura Audiobook and Ebbok by Nely cab: Jeanine Walsh Palinkas
Ink (Book 0) by Bella Roccaforte: Tammie Dillon
Elfhunter by C.S. Marks: Esther Anderson
Uprising by Melissa Simmons: Shirley Walsh
Chasing Shadows by Tia Silverthorne Bach: Aurelia Evangelaire
Stronger, by Misty Provencher: Hilda Veronica Oquendo
Indigo Incite by Jacinda Buchmann: Tiffany Saylor
The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard: Leslie Ayala
Eternally Bound by KA Young: Raquel Allons Y Perrymann

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone for helping to make this day special to me!

It’s Time for the Big Reveal!

It’s time for the big reveal!

It’s time to reveal the cover for the final book in Eva Pohler’s six-book young adult series, The Gatekeeper’s Saga! For those of you who haven’t heard of this series, it’s about a teen whose life becomes entangled with the gods of Mount Olympus when one of them falls in love with her. You can try out the first book, The Gatekeeper’s Sons, free! Find your favorite retailer here.

The cover of The Gatekeeper’s Promise (#6) has been revealed piece by piece over the past few weeks. Here are the highlights:

Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Third

Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Fourth

Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Eighth

Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final eleventh

Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Fifteenth


Gatekeeper's Promise Jigsaw Final Eighteenth


And now, here it is, the full cover:

GatekeepersPromiseEbook final


Many thanks to Melinda VanLone of Book Cover Corner for her amazing talent.

Thanks to those of you who entered the rafflecopter giveaway and the Facebook Event. All winners will be announced by midnight on July 30th on the event page here.

The Gatekeeper’s Promise is already available for preorder here and will be released on October 1st at all retailers. If you’d like to receive a discount code for the preorder, please subscribe to The Pohler Express here.
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Virtual Ebook Fair this Weekend!

Stop by the many author booths (including mine!) at the Virtual Ebook Fair this weekend, July 26th and 27th on Facebook! You can join the event here.

If you’ve landed here from my booth, WELCOME! My excerpt follows.

Virtual Ebook Fair


Each author’s post on the event page is his or her “booth.” Most authors will be giving away prizes throughout the weekend. I know I AM!

Each day of the book fair, I will be giving away a signed set of books 1-5 of The Gatekeeper’s Saga, a signed set of books 1-2 of The Purgatorium Series, and a signed set of books 1-2 in The Mystery Book Collection. I will also be giving away ebooks, audiobooks, t-shirts, and the Athena Locket!

Athena Locket Collage


To enter to win, simply leave a comment at my booth (in the thread of my post on the Facebook event page). You can ask me a question or leave me a comment, and you can enter up to three times a day. (You are welcome to comment more frequently, but only the first three comments each day will be entered into the giveaway.)

I will be using to choose winners throughout the weekend. I will notify you of your prize by sending you a private message through Facebook.

Here is my excerpt, the first chapter of The Gatekeeper’s Sons: Gatekeeper’s Saga, Book One:

Chapter One: The Drowning

Therese Mills peeled the white gloves off her sweaty hands as soon as she and her parents were in the car. Now that her mother’s thing was over, she could finally get home and out of this blue dress. It was like being in a straightjacket.

Anything for Mom, of course.

What the…

A man glared at her through her backseat window. She jumped up, sat back, blinked. The man vanished, but when she blinked again, she could still see the eerie face behind her lids: the scruffy black beard and dark, haunting eyes.

“Thanks again for making tonight so special,” her mother, apparently not seeing the man, said from the passenger seat as her father started the engine. “You two being there meant a lot to me.”

“Did you see that man?” Therese peered through her window for the face.

“What?” Her mother also looked. “What man?”

“What man, Therese?” her father asked.

“Never mind.”

Therese did not find it unusual that her mother hadn’t noticed the man. Although her mother was a brilliant scientist, she wasn’t the most observant person.

Just last spring after all the snow had finally melted around their house in the Colorado mountains, and Therese and her mother had been able to enjoy their wooden deck with the melted lake spread out in front of them and the forest rising up the mountains behind them, Therese had spotted the wild horse and foal she had seen just before winter. They both had reddish brown coats with a white stripe between their eyes, the foal nestled beside its mother’s legs, staring intently at Therese without moving. The animals stood beneath one of two magnificent elm trees ten feet from their back door—the tree her mother said had gotten the Dutch elm disease. Therese relaxed with her mother at the wooden table on the deck, each of them with a mug of coffee in the bright Sunday morning. Her mother had the paper but wasn’t reading it. She had that look on her face when she was thinking of a scientific formula or method that she planned to try in her lab. Therese stared again at the horse and didn’t move. She whispered, “Mom.”

Her mother hadn’t heard.

“Mom, the wild horses,” she whispered again.

Therese looked from the beautiful creatures to her mother, who sat staring in space, transfixed, like a person hypnotized.

“Mom, are you deaf?” she blurted out, and then she heard the horses flee back up the mountain into the tall pines. She caught a glimpse of the foal’s reddish-brown rump, and that was that.

As Therese strapped on her seatbelt, she also considered the possibility that she had only imagined the man in the window. She was, after all, prone to use her imagination and fully capable of making daydreams as real as reality, as she had, just now, with her memory of the horses.

Her phone vibrated. A text from Jen read, “Heat sheets r n call me when u get home.” Awesome, she thought. Therese was anxious to see who would share her heat in tomorrow’s championship meet. She hoped she would be swimming breaststroke in the top heat against Lacey Holzmann from Pagosa Springs. She wanted to beat her this time.

She searched outside her window for the scruffy face but saw only a line of headlights as others, like they, exited the parking lot of the concert hall. Maybe she had only imagined the man. It was getting dark. The mountains across campus were barely visible as dusk turned into night.

“We’re both so proud of you, Honey,” Therese’s dad said from behind the wheel.

Therese probably got her imaginative talent from her father, who was a successful crime fiction writer. As soon as his first book made the New York Times bestsellers list, he moved his family out into their big log cabin in the San Juan Mountains.

Therese saw her father eyeing her in the rearview mirror. “Aren’t we, sweetie pie?”

She wondered at her father’s need to praise her mother all the time. Didn’t her mother already know she was brilliant and that her husband and daughter looked up to her? “Absolutely. You’re awesome, Mom.”

Therese’s phone vibrated again. A text from Paul read, “Wat r u waring?”

She cringed and murmured, “Oooh. How gross.” She couldn’t believe he had got her number. He had been stalking her around campus just before school let out for the summer.

Before she had a chance to delete the text, Therese heard the rear window behind her head explode. “What the…” Glass shards pricked at her neck and bare shoulders. The car swerved left and right. She looked back to see the window behind her busted. The line of headlights had dispersed into chaos, horns blasting, people shouting.

“What the hell was that?” her father yelled. “Oh my God! Linda! Linda!”

“Dad, what’s wrong? Is Mom…”

Another explosion rang out, and something zipped just past Therese’s head.

“Therese? Are you okay? Get down!”

“What’s happening? What’s going on?” Therese cowered in the back seat as a third explosion sounded, this time near the windshield. Therese could barely breathe. She gasped for air, her heart about to explode.

“Stay down! Someone’s shooting at us!” her father shouted.

The car swerved, slowed, and turned. The smell of burned rubber permeated the air. Therese’s head whipped back as her father gunned the accelerator. Her fingers trembled so wildly, she was barely able to punch the correct numbers on her phone. She messed up twice and had to start over. Finally she pressed them in slow motion: 911. It seemed an eternity before a woman answered on the other end.

“Nine-one-one, is this an emergency?”

“Someone’s shooting at us! You’ve got to help us. We’re leaving Fort Lewis College. Dad, where are we?”

“Heading toward Huck Finn Pond.”

“Huck Finn Pond!” Therese screamed into the phone as the car swerved, her seatbelt digging into her hip. Then she noticed the blood dripping down the back of her mother’s neck and onto her mother’s silk scarf. “Oh, my God! Mom? Mom, are you okay?”

“She’ll be okay, Therese!” her father shouted.

“Oh my God! I think my mom’s been shot! You’ve got to do something! You’ve got to help us!”

A crushing sound shot through the car, and Therese felt herself jolted hard to the right. She hit her head on the window and dropped the cell phone. When she bent over and tried to pick it up, the back end of the car lurched upward like a seesaw, and her head hit the back of her mother’s seat in front of her. She sat up and saw they were sailing through the air over the lake. The front end of the car hit the water, causing her head to flop forward and back. She heard the air hissing through the airbags as they inflated in the front end. She was so stunned, she couldn’t speak. She watched in silent shock as water crept into the front end of the car, up to her father’s neck, the untied bowtie of his tuxedo floating around him. The front airbags pressed against her father’s cheek, her mother’s face. Water spilled over the front seat and onto the floorboard in back where she sat elevated higher than her parents.

She unfastened her seatbelt and leaned over and looked down at her mother in horror. A bullet had put a hole in the back of her neck, and blood rushed from it. Her head lay against the airbag turned to one side, toward Therese’s father. Her eyes were open and she was gasping for air, but blood was pouring from her mouth and choking her.

“Mom! Oh my God! Mom!” Therese’s teeth chattered uncontrollably as her mother strained to look at her. She reached down and caressed her mother’s hair. “Mom! Oh my God!”

She realized her father had been shouting her name for several seconds. “Listen to me, Therese! Therese! Try to open your window. Therese! Try to get out of the car!”

His voice sounded like it did when he was cheering her on from the deck of the pool at her swim meets. “Keep going, Therese! You’re looking good! Kick! Pull!”

Except now it was tinged with desperation.

“I’m not leaving without you and Mom! I’m scared! Dad, please! Can’t you get out?” Her teeth continued to chatter.

The water level rose to his mouth. He shook his head. “I’m stuck!” He shouted through the water. His eyes widened as the water crept to his nose. He was drowning right in front of her.

“Dad! Dad!”

In a state of frenzy, he turned from side to side, only the top of his head visible.

Therese watched in silent shock.

She looked at her mother. Her mother’s eyes met hers briefly, then closed as the water washed over all but her red hair. Unlike her father, her mother didn’t move, but simply relinquished herself to the water. Her hair danced like seaweed, like long veins of blood. Therese became aware of the coldness of the water that had been sucking her down. Its cold fingers crept up to her shoulders. Her white gloves floated beside her, pointing at her. You! Do something!

She took a deep breath and went underwater toward her father. She couldn’t see in the dark, so she pushed against the airbag and felt around for the harness. The belt was undone, but the steering shaft was crushed across her father’s lap. She pulled with all her might on the steering wheel. It didn’t move. She tried to puncture the airbag but without luck. Then she yanked on her father’s lifeless arm. She couldn’t lift him from the seat.

Another memory shot through her mind: She was pulling her father’s arm, coaxing him from his recliner. “Come see the deer,” she was saying. She was small—maybe six. “Come on, Dad. Come see.” He had laughed and made a comment about her chipmunk cheeks and dimples, that he’d do anything to see those dimples. She pulled at his arm and he laughed and climbed out of his chair to follow her outside.

But now she could not get her father to follow her.

She felt her mother’s hand and flinched. She found it again. It was as cold as the water and as limp as a dead fish. She hugged her mother, held on to her for dear life till her brain hurt and she needed air.

Therese popped back up near the top of the car for air, but there was none. She hitched her body up and hit her head on the roof of the car. She then noticed a bright light shine on her through her backseat window. She thought she saw someone swimming toward her. She heard another crash and a surge of water, but she needed air! Panic overtook her like a wild beast, and she opened her eyes as far as they would open, writhed her body against every molecule in reach, and strained her mouth wide open. Her lungs filled with burning water, the cold water burning her like fire. She gagged on the water, gagged, kicked, went wild with fear, and then stopped and gave in to the darkness.

Read the rest of the book for FREE! Click here to choose your retailer.



Introducing Eva Pohler Author and Quiz Apps for Android!

Okay, the author app is crazy ego-centric, I know. It’s fun to imagine that people out there want easy access to my social media links, newsletter sign up, book blurbs, purchase links, and teasers.

So for all those imaginary people, click here to download the FREE app:

But I know some REAL people who would love to get this Gatekeeper’s Saga Quiz app! Click on the icon below to see how you do! (Warning, there are four questions you won’t be able to answer yet, because they come from the last book, which hasn’t been released.)

So give this FREE app a try, and let me know how you did!

I Have an Android Author App!

I didn’t even know such a thing existed until three days ago, and now I have one of my own! In this app you’ll find my bio and links to all my social media sites, including my newsletter sign up. You’ll also find blurbs and purchase links for all my books, plus a few teasers.

Clink on the icon to download the app (it’s FREE):

Very soon I will also have my own game app! It will consist of forty multiple choice trivia questions from The Gatekeeper’s Saga. As soon as it’s available, I’ll let you know! I can’t wait to play the game myself! Some of the questions are really hard, so I hope I remember the answers!