Welcome to Eva Pohler Books! Take off your shoes and stay awhile, but first, grab your FREE copy of the first book in my Vampires of Athens series.

A teen from New York studies abroad in Athens and discovers that vampires and demigods are real at a time when war is brewing. After making friends on both sides, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst to an uprising led by Dionysus, lord of the vampires.

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34 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I finally had the chance to read my free download of Vampire Addiction…what can I say but AWESOME !!
    I read it on a long car ride yesterday and finished it last night before bed. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are well developed and the storyline had me moving back and forth between the character that I’m rooting for.
    I can’t wait to start the next book.
    Thanks for the free download!

  2. Nope, just looked again, it says:
    “Item Under Review
    This book is currently unavailable because there is an issue with its description, content, or formatting.
    We are working with the publisher to fix the issue. As always, we value customer feedback.”

  3. I just finished reading Vampire Addiction and the plot cauht my attention right ahead, Awesome job! You’re book is really inspiring me to finsh the book i’ve been writing.

  4. I followed the instructions and didn’t receive my free copy. So went to amazon and its charging me $2.99 for book.

  5. Michelle, don’t buy it at Amazon. If you already did, return it. At least one-third of the people who request the free copy from me say they never received it, but when I tell them to check their spam folder, 100% come back to tell me they found it. So please check your spam folder. If you still don’t find it, let me know. Email me at eva@evapohler.com. Thanks.

  6. I loved the Vampire series! I can’t wait until you release the next one! I think your characters are well rounded and original. Thanks for being such a great writer. Those of us that can’t write read :).

  7. Thank you, Alyena! I’m so glad to hear that. The final book comes out on August 24th. It’s going to be EPIC!! (If I do say so myself, lol.)

  8. Eva: I loved ,loved ,loved the Gate Keepers series ! I’m now going into your vampire series . What an awesome writer you are . Please keep them coming. You’re newest fan…..Patsy G.

  9. I really loved the first Gatekeepers book. I only had one issue with it, and it is because I am from Texas but live in another state now. UIL is a Texas thing and no other state does it. It caused me to question the setting. I understand taking liberties when it comes to fantasy stories as a writer.

  10. I juat finished the gatekeepers saga and i feel head over heels for them. I finished all of them over the weekend. Greek mythology is a passion of mine and tis made me love it even more! Thanks!

  11. Hello Eva! I am currently trying to find out how I can receive the free download for Vampire Addiction and can’t find where to get it. I just subscribed to your page.

  12. I got the first in the gatekeeper’s saga free and loved it! I then purchased the complete series and really enjoyed it. I’ve told several friends about it, including booksellers. It was fun and a learned a lot about Greek mythology. Thank you!

  13. Hi
    Firstly i just finished readoing the gatkeepers sag book one and two. Can you maybe tell me if number three is available for free the other two i’ve purchased.



  14. Hi, Cynthia. I’m so glad you read the first two Gatekeeper’s books. You might be able to find the third book for free at your library. If they don’t have it, they might be willing to order it for you. Good luck!

  15. I’ve read the Gatekeeper’s series and the Vampire Addiction series already. I love them. I can’t wait for you to bring out more. These books are amazing.

  16. Thank you so much! The Gatekeeper’s Bride (prequel) will release in April 2016, and the first Hermes and Hestia book is due to release in August 2016.

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