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ABOUT THIS EBOOK:  Three friends in their fifties renovate or visit haunted properties and try to solve the mystery of what's tethering the ghosts. They never intended to become paranormal investigators, and they get in way over their heads, but they have good hearts, and they want to help the ghosts find peace. Each book is a stand-alone mystery that takes place in a different U.S. state and is based on a true historical injustice that occurred there. Read the first eight books in one ebook set: Secrets of the Greek Revival, The Case of the Abandoned Warehouse, French Quarter Clues, The Hidden Tunnel, The Haunting of Hoover Dam, The Ghost of Blackfeet Nation, The Shade of Santa Fe, and A Holiday Haunting at the Biltmore.

The Mystery House Series, Books 1-8 in EBOOK

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