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My Visit to the Great Salt Lake

My childhood friend Brenda Capshaw joined me on a trip to Utah to help me research the setting for the next Mystery House Book, The Haunted Bridge, releasing on Halloween.

Here we are in front of one of the colorful horses that were installed for the 2002 Olympics. We're on the historic 25th Street in Ogden just outside of a bar and grill called Roosters.

We went there for a late lunch after driving to Antelope Island for views of the Great Salt Lake.

The water is nearly turquoise, and white salt flats stretch for miles between the lake and the road, as the water has shrunk down to a third of its volume from the 1980's. The land mass in this photo is Fremont Island as it can be seen from Antelope Island.

Can you see the seagulls? Who would have thought there would be seagulls in Utah?

While in Salt Lake City, we took photos of some of the haunted mansions. My favorite was the McCune Mansion, where I walked on the grounds and stole a few photos, whether it was allowed or not!

The photo above is a side view of the mansion. The one below is from the back of the estate.

I also searched for the haunted St. Anne's Retreat, which is currently for sale for $700,000, and I found it! After calling the realtor, I was told that the property was already under contract and the buyer did not allow tours. So I snuck up to the fence line via a rattlesnake-infested land bridge and took the video below!

One evening, we took the Grimm's Ghost Tour around the outer limits of Salt Lake City for an exciting night of ghost stories. Two of my readers from the area were able to join us. Below we're pictured from left to right: Yuliya, Shawnae, Brenda, and me.

While on the tour, we learned about the ghosts of the Masonic Lodge, the Kissing Tree, and the Ted Bundy hunting grounds! Pictured below is a wooded creek near a park where he lured some of his victims!

On a happier note, we drove north into Ogden Canyon for some delightful Mormon Muffins at Rainbow Gardens. Check out these amazing falls not far from the restaurant.

Past the canyon, we visited the oldest continuously run saloon in the U.S.--The Shooting Star Saloon--where I interviewed the bartender and other residents of the area about their ghost stories. You can listen to the interviews below.

We ended our trip with an afternoon in Salt Lake City, where we ate at, of all places, Eva's Bakery and toured the Olympic Torch Exhibit and the haunted Fort Douglas Museum on the University of Utah campus.

Yuliya was able to join us for lunch at Eva's Bakery.

Check out this cool shot I took of the Olympic Torch:

Here's a shot of Brenda and me in front of a helicopter flown in Vietnam by one of the docents we spoke to at the Fort Douglas Museum:

I can't wait for you to read this next installment of The Mystery House Series based on the ghostly legends of the Great Salt Lake! It's coming along swimmingly!!!!

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