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Immerse yourself in heart-throbbing romance, daring adventure, and epic battles against gods and monsters. Connect with beloved characters whose big hearts navigate them through tumultuous times.

Thanatos, the god of death, has never been kissed until seventeen-year-old Therese, in a coma after her parents are killed in a car crash, thinks she's dreaming and kisses him.

Desperate to follow her after she awakens, he bargains with Hades for a chance to live as a mortal in the upperworld. Hades agrees but demands that Thanatos take the Furies and help Therese avenge her parents' murders.

Please join me in bringing the gods of ancient Greece to life with a tenth anniversary edition of The Underworld Saga in three hardback volumes (one trilogy per volume) with new dust jacket art, along with a never-before-seen epilogue starring Dionysus--a collector's dream currently only available through this Kickstarter campaign.

Each jacket will cost me $250, but I've set the campaign goal at $500. There will be lots of other production costs, too, but $500 will get the project rolling. The first dust jacket is done, except for the spine work.

The case underneath will look something like this, featuring the helm of darkness (and volume two will feature the trident and volume three the lightning bolt):

And when the three spines line up, the spines together will create a single image, yet to be determined.

Gabriela of BRoseDesignz is a talented artist in Romania. She has created the covers for all of my young adult fantasy titles. You can see more of her work by clicking on her logo below.

I'm a USA Today bestselling author of over thirty-five novels in multiple genres, including paranormal mysteries, thrillers, and young adult fantasy based on Greek mythology. My books have been described as "addictive" and "sure to thrill"--Kirkus Reviews.

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