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A Halloween Launch Party

I can't believe my fortieth book launches this Halloween. Has it really been forty books? In a way, the writing of my first book seems like a lifetime ago, but in another way, it feels like yesterday. I know that's a cliche, but it also happens to be true.

And my fortieth book is the twelfth book in The Mystery House Series, entitled The Haunted Bridge.

As with all of my launches, it's a good excuse to have a party. I hope you'll come.

The countdown giveaway will take place in The Pohler Bear Lounge on Facebook. If you aren't already a member, you can join for free here.

Here's a sneak peek at what I'll be giving away.

On October 24th--seven days to launch--I'll be giving away the first volume of The Underworld Saga in this special anniversary hardback edition. It contains the complete first trilogy, which can be read without having to continue further into the saga. Isn't it beautiful?

On October 25th--six days to launch--I'll be giving away a hardback edition of Secrets of the Greek Revival, the first book in The Mystery House Series. Although this series can be read in any order, this is where it all begins.

Isn't this Ghoul's Hand Bookmark fun and creepy? I adore mine! You'll have a chance to own one, too, on October 26th--five days to launch.

Wouldn't you look amazing in this "I'm Busy Exorcising" T-Shirt? The chance to win it comes on October 27th--four days to launch.

If you don't already own a signed paperback copy of The Mystery Box, you'll have your chance to get one on October 28th--three days to launch.

On October 29th--two days to launch--I'm giving away this adorable pair of Library Books Earrings. Even if you don't have pierced ears, these would make a great gift for your favorite book lover.

Halloween and the upcoming holidays wouldn't be the same without this fun "Holiday Spirit" Long-Sleeved T-Shirt. Your chance to win? October 30th--one day to launch.

On October 31st, I'll announce all the winners at my Halloween Zoom Party at 7 PM Central Time. You can join the party here.

I'll record the party so you can watch it later in The Pohler Bear Lounge in case you can't be there for it live. During the party, I'll play games and give away more prizes, such as these adorable Book Club Babe Socks and Golden Girl Tote.

To further build excitement about the launch of The Haunted Bridge, I've temporarily made the ebook editions of the first book, Secrets of the Greek Revival, and the third book, French Quarter Clues, FREE and 99-cents respectively.

While French Quarter Clues will be 99 cents through the 20th, Secrets of the Greek Revival will be free through the 31st.

So, are you coming to the party?


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