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Summer House Mystery.jpeg
The cover for Summer House Mystery shows a historic home on a street next to the sea.
Summer House Mystery, Book Eleven

Ebook USD $6.99

Paperback Signed USD $15

Hardback Signed USD $20

Audiobook USD $16.99-$17.99

Why can't a house ever be just a house?

Ellen, Sue, and Tanya can't wait to get away to a historic beachside house in Biloxi, Mississippi. But no sooner do they arrive when they are accosted by a supernatural presence with a grudge. As they uncover the mystery of this tethered, vengeful spirit, they are shocked by the secrets he carried with him to the grave. But when they try to make his secrets public, they are threatened by someone living--someone much more evil and more powerful than the dead.

The books in this series can be read in any order.

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