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Discover Your Greek God or Goddess Ancestry Quiz

Welcome to the "Discover Your Greek God or Goddess Ancestry" quiz! If you enjoy mythology in books like Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, you may have contemplated who your fictional Greek god or goddess parent is. Answer the following questions to unveil which Greek deity you are most likely descended from.

In full armor, Athena stands on a mountain peak near Mount Olympus.

Which natural element resonates with you the most?

  • A. Fire

  • B. Water

  • C. Earth

  • D. Air

What is your preferred method of resolving conflicts?

  • A. Confronting them head-on with strength and power.

  • B. Seeking compromise and understanding.

  • C. Maintaining stability and balance.

  • D. Finding creative solutions and adapting to change.

Which trait do you value the most in others?

  • A. Courage and bravery.

  • B. Compassion and empathy.

  • C. Loyalty and dependability.

  • D. Intelligence and wit.

What is your favorite leisure activity?

  • A. Engaging in physical challenges or sports.

  • B. Spending time by the water, whether swimming or sailing.

  • C. Gardening or connecting with nature.

  • D. Reading, learning, or engaging in intellectual pursuits.

What role would you enjoy in a group setting?

  • A. Leader or decision-maker.

  • B. Mediator or peacemaker.

  • C. Supporter or caretaker.

  • D. Innovator or problem solver.

What is your attitude towards rules and authority?

  • A. I believe rules are necessary for order, but I also challenge authority when needed.

  • B. I respect rules and authority and strive to maintain harmony within the community.

  • C. I follow rules dutifully and value tradition and stability.

  • D. I question rules and authority, preferring to think outside the box and challenge norms.

Which animal do you feel most connected to?

  • A. Eagle

  • B. Dolphin

  • C. Dog

  • D. Owl

What is your approach to adversity or challenges?

  • A. Confronting them boldly and fearlessly.

  • B. Seeking harmony and finding peaceful solutions.

  • C. Enduring with patience and perseverance.

  • D. Using intellect and adaptability to overcome obstacles.

Which of these realms would you prefer to rule over?

  • A. The skies and heavens.

  • B. The oceans and seas.

  • C. The earth and harvest.

  • D. The realm of knowledge and wisdom.

What motivates you the most in life?

  • A. Achieving greatness and leaving a legacy.

  • B. Maintaining stability and harmony in all aspects of life.

  • C. Making the world a better place for everyone.

  • D. Seeking truth, understanding, and enlightenment.

Now, tally up your responses:

Grasping his lightning bolt, Zeus stands on a mountaintop near Mount Olympus.

  • Mostly A's: You are most likely descended from Zeus, the king of the gods, known for his strength, leadership, and authority.

  • Mostly B's: You are most likely descended from Poseidon, the god of the sea, known for his compassion, connection to water, and ability to maintain balance.

  • Mostly C's: You are most likely descended from Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, known for her nurturing nature, connection to the earth, and role in sustaining life.

  • Mostly D's: You are most likely descended from Athena, the goddess of wisdom, known for her intelligence, creativity, and dedication to knowledge.

If you want to immerse yourself in stories where the ancient gods and goddesses are alive in modern times, consider reading The Underworld Saga (if you haven't already). Like Percy Jackson and other Rick Riordan novels, this series is based on Greek mythology. They were inspired by the movie Meet Joe Black, starring Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, in which Death wants a holiday. If Percy Jackson and Meet Joe Black had a baby, it would be The Underworld Saga.

Thanatos, the first book, is currently on sale in ebook for only $0.99.

The ten books in The Underworld Saga stand in a row before a purple background.

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