Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways

I have good news for those of you who have joined The Pohler Bear Lounge, my fan group on Facebook. December 13th will kick off my first annual Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways, and it will end on Christmas Eve, the day all twelve winners will be chosen. This event won't take place anywhere else but in The Pohler Bear Lounge, so, if you consider yourself a Pohler Bear, then please ask to join this group on Facebook here.

What is a Pohler Bear some of you (new to this website) may ask? Well, here's the official definition:

Would you like a sneak peek of the prizes members of the Pohler Bear Lounge will win?

Day One: A Retro Bookstack

Day Two: A $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Day Three: A Moon Tree Tote and Matching Mug

Day Four: Signed Paperback of The Ghost of Blackfeet Nation and The Shade of Santa Fe

Day Five: A Moon Tree T-Shirt

Day Six: A $20 Amazon Gift Card

Day Seven: Signed Paperbacks of Cupid's Captive Series

Day Eight: A Pohler Bear Tote and Ornament

Day Nine: A $20 Apple Gift Card

Day Ten: Signed Paperbacks of The Underworld Trilogy

Day Eleven: A Book Greek Tote and Matching Mug