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The Random TBR Pile Book Selector Tool

A young woman holds a book but is looking over the book shelves. Above her reads: Which book should I read next?

Introducing the Random TBR Pile Book Selector: Spice Up Your Reading Choices!

Are you facing the daunting task of choosing your next read from a towering TBR (to-be-read) pile? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of books waiting to be explored? Fear not, for we've crafted a solution to add an element of excitement to your reading journey: the Random TBR Pile Book Selector!

Embrace the Element of Surprise

The Random TBR Pile Book Selector is a simple yet ingenious tool designed to help readers select their next book from their ever-growing TBR pile. Gone are the days of agonizing indecision and endless list scrolling. With just a few clicks, you can infuse an element of spontaneity into your reading choices.

How it Works

Using the Random TBR Pile Book Selector is a breeze. Here's how it works:

  1. Input Your Top Five Books (or more, if you have a longer TBR list): Simply type in the titles of your top five or more books currently residing in your TBR pile. If you need more than five fields, click the button to add more. Whether they're classics, bestsellers, or hidden gems waiting to be discovered, your choices are entirely up to you. If you're looking for new books to add to your pile, please check out my titles here.

  2. Click to Select: Once you've entered your book titles, click the "Select Random Book" button. In an instant, the Selector will randomly pick one of the titles from your list.

  3. Discover Your Next Read: Watch with anticipation as the Selector reveals your next literary adventure. Embrace the surprise and dive into a book you might not have picked for your next read.

Why Use the Random TBR Pile Book Selector?

  1. Break the Decision Fatigue: Choosing your next read can be overwhelming, especially when faced with a vast TBR pile. The Selector eliminates decision fatigue by making the choice for you, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

  2. Add Fun to Your Reading Routine: Reading should be a joyous experience. The Random TBR Pile Book Selector adds an element of fun and spontaneity to your reading routine, turning the selection process into an adventure.

With the Random TBR Pile Book Selector at your fingertips, selecting your next read has never been more exciting. Say goodbye to decision paralysis and hello to delightful surprises with every click.

If you don't have five books in your TBR pile, please consider adding some of mine. You can browse my supernatural mysteries, thrillers, and young adult paranormal romance by clicking on the images below the tool.

The first ten books in The Mystery House Series are shown in paperback.

The three books in The Nightmare Collection are shown in paperback.

The ten books in The Underworld Saga are shown in paperback.

The four books in The Vampires of Athens Series are shown in paperback.

Btw, if you don't already own The Bookworm Bible--my fifty-page comprehensive guide for book lovers compiled from articles I've written over the years on topics such as "How to Overcome a Reading Slump" and "How to Write Easy Peasy Book Reviews" with free resources such as a printable reading log, review templates, and an online reading journal--grab your free copy here.

The cover of The Bookworm Bible is illustrated with a woman wearing glasses.

Happy Reading!


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