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One Month's Worth of Social Media Posts for Book Lovers

If you're like me, you love to talk about books. Maybe you're slightly introverted (or extremely so) but you'd still like to interact with others on social media about your book love.

Over the years, I've picked up some ideas for how to share that love and encourage other book lovers to interact on social media. Here is my list of one month's worth of social media posts for book lovers.

  1. Anticipated Upcoming Release

  2. Cover Review

  3. Book Haul (Books you bought)

  4. Book Mail/Unboxing (Books you received)

  5. Book Review

  6. My Review of Someone Else's Review

  7. Author Spotlight (You can find bio and media kit on their website)

  8. Book Comparison (If you liked this, then you'll like this)

  9. Book to Movie Review

  10. Trope Spotlight (Favorite books containing the same trope)

  11. Teaser/Blurb from a Book I Want

  12. Book about a Cause I Care About

  13. Spotlight on a Fellow Book Lover

  14. What's Trending

  15. Before and After (Before I read the book, I thought this. Now I think this)

  16. Book Featuring One of My Favorite Hobbies

  17. Pros and Cons for a Book I Feel Mixed About

  18. Book Shelfie

  19. This or That (Ask fellow book lovers to vote on a book)

  20. A,B,C, or D (Same as above, but give them more options)

  21. Spotlight on a Bookstore

  22. TBR Stack

  23. Tips for Getting Through a TBR Pile

  24. Genre Spotlight (favorite books in a single genre)

  25. Currently Reading

  26. Book Swag Review

  27. Book Series Spotlight

  28. Second Time Through (How your second reading of a book may differ from your first)

  29. Best Book(s) of the Month

  30. Reader Interview (Interview another reader's take on a book you've read or want to read)

If you're posting in a month with 31 days, you can always add another Author Spotlight or This or That. Take turns repeating one of the above during the longer months.

I hope you found this helpful. If so, please share using the social media icons below.

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