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Read this exciting adventure about an impossible, yet unstoppable love, between a mortal teen and Thanatos, the god of death. 

The Gatekeeper's Bride: A Prequel and Charon's Quest: A Gatekeeper's Saga Novel are stand-alones that can be read before, after, or anytime in between the rest of the books in the saga.

The Gatekeeper's Saga continues in this spin-off series in which the next generation must fulfill a world-changing prophecy.

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A teen studying abroad in Athens ignores the warnings of her host family and becomes addicted to the bite of a vampire. After falling in love with a demigod, she becomes an unwitting catalyst to war. This series shares the word of The Gatekeeper's Saga.

You are the main character in this encounter with the Olympians. Throughout the narrative, you make choices that change the course of the story. Which god or goddess will Cupid make your love interest? You decide. Then, to prove you're worthy to become immortal, so that you can remain with your love interest, will you face Cerberus or the Hydra? Will you offer cakes or strike with the sword loaned to you by Athena? How will you steal a golden apple from the garden of the Hesperides, and who will help you through the Minotaur's labyrinth, and which god or goddess will comfort you if you fail?

Enjoy dozens of adventures in a single book!

Although this interactive adventure story shares the world of The Gatekeeper's Saga, it can be enjoyed before, after, or without reading the saga.

Famous Seminoles pitcher Ellie Beaufort is taken captive by Cupid, whose brothers (Phobos and Deimos) are then shot with arrows and made to love her--all for her own protection against other gods wanting to kill her. (For readers 17 and older.) This series shares the world of The Gatekeeper's Saga.

When a teen is sent to an island for "suicide therapy," she quickly learns things aren't what they seem and soon wonders if her parents meant to help her or to punish her.



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