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A haunted house. An old secret. Three friends who get in too deep.


Three friends in their fifties get in way over their heads when they try to solve the mysteries tethering ghosts to the houses they visit and/or renovate as they travel around the country.

"Slightly wacky ladies, humor & good intentions result in a very interesting story. I’ve already ordered the second one in the series."--Lynne J. Condon, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"This is a real page turner. Riveting, and exciting. The characters are very well written, its easy to read and you won't want to put it down."--Southermermaid85, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★


Nancy Drew meets The Golden Girls!

If you can't get enough of Karen White, Heather Graham, Bobbie Holmes, or Jana Deleon, then this "perfect mix of fun and scary" paranormal mystery is for you!

These books can be read in any order. 

Rated PG 13 for mild language and violence but no sex (though Secrets of the Greek Revival does reveal historical sexual assault.)

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Concrete Wall


Book One, EBOOK

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Secrets of the Greek Revival

Ellen and her two best friends share a mid-life crisis by hatching a plan to renovate an 1860’s Greek revival in the nearby historic district of San Antonio. Although Ellen isn’t one to believe in ghosts, she comes face to face with something inexplicable in the attic. Her ghost-enthusiast friends convince her that they must help the spirit find closure, and as they dig deeper into the past, they uncover a shocking history that someone in the neighborhood doesn’t want exposed. But Ellen and her friends don’t give up easily. They realize they’ve been called to give voice to the invisible women who suffered behind the walls of the house for decades.

"I picked up Eva Pohler's Secrets of the Greek Revival because I fancied reading something about ghosts, and I thought: I enjoyed that. I'm going to try some more."

U.K. Music Celebrity East 17's Tony Mortimer (Quoted in The Times)

Concrete Wall

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Secrets of the Greek Revival

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