The Marcella II: Book One

After the murder of a friend, teen gods and demigods join forces to face a common threat: vampire pirates swarming the Mediterranean Sea.


Poseidon asks Prometheus and his troop of young gods aboard the Marcella II to search for the pirates and their ship, the Tarantula. But in a twist of events that even the legendary gods couldn’t see coming, the Marcella II is found first, the young gods are captured, Prometheus is beheaded, and a mortal friend is killed.


Shocked by this turn of events, Hades recruits demigods Gertie and Hector to join in the effort to rescue the young gods and uncover the secret of the vampire pirate organization and stop them, once and for all. When the identity of the pirates’ leader is revealed, the entire pantheon is shocked to its core.


This brand-new series shares the world of The Underworld Saga and The Vampires of Athens but can be read first or independently of the others.

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