Winners, Giveaways, and New Releases

Before I announce the winners of the YA Scavenger Hunt (AKA YASH) grand prizes, along with the winner of my personal giveaway, I'd like to thank the YASH organizers and all of you who participated.

Here are the names of the grand prize winners for each team:

Green Team: Becky Long

Purple Team: Katherine Brown

Red Team: Jeremy Cook (Your book from me will arrive tomorrow!)

Gold Team: Jamie Kramer

Blue Team: Emma Adam

And the winner of my personal YASH giveaway ($50 Amazon gift card and a paperback edition of The Vampires of Athens trilogy) is Candice Gigous. Candice, your gift card has been sent, and your books should arrive tomorrow.

Don't lose heart if you weren't one of the winners. I love running giveaways, so I'm starting another!

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Hidden Tunnel: The Mystery House Series, Book Four (cick on the image below if you need to preorder yours), I'm running this giveaway until release day, April 29th. Please enter at the bottom of the page.

If you aren't sure if The Mystery House Series is for you, please watch this short series trailer:

Enter the giveaway below:

Thanks and good luck!

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