The Vampires of Athens Series Got a Makeover!

I'm super-excited to announce that The Vampires of Athens Series got a makeover.

After redoing the title and covers for The Underworld Saga, it only seemed fair! (If you haven't seen those new covers yet, go here.)

More importantly, my upcoming series, Vampires and Gods, is a crossover between these two series, so I really wanted the branding to match. The Marcella II is getting a makeover, too! I'll reveal the new cover soon!

But, first, here are the new covers for The Vampires of Athens:

I hope you love them as much as I do!

To celebrate The Vampires of Athens makeover, the first book, Vampire Addiction, is only 99 cents in ebook for a limited time.

To grab your 99-cent copy of Vampire Addiction, go here.

I can't wait to show you the new cover for The Marcella II. And, just a reminder, Vampires and Gods can be read before or after The Vampires of Athens and The Underworld Saga. The Vampires of Athens is Gertie's origin story, and The Underworld Saga is the origin story for Hermie, Hestie, Poros, and a few other characters.

Here's the blurb for The Marcella II:

Poseidon calls on Prometheus and his troop of young gods aboard the Marcella II to investigate pirate ships swarming the Mediterranean Sea. Poros, Hestie, and Hermie rush into danger and are taken by surprise by what they soon realize aren't ordinary pirates--they're vampires. The vampire pirates are highly organized, stealing enormous amounts of goods from merchant ships. Hades recruits demigods Gertie and Hector to join forces with those aboard the Marcella II to rescue the young gods and to uncover the secret of the vampire pirate organization. When the identity of the pirates' leader is revealed, the entire pantheon is shocked to its core.

Available for preorder. Releases May 18th, 2020. To preorder The Marcella II, go here. (That cover will soon change, even though it's beautiful.)

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