The Mystery House Series Is Now Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be pleased to learn that The Mystery House Series--including Secrets of the Greek Revival, The Case of the Abandoned Warehouse, French Quarter Clues, The Hidden Tunnel, and The Haunting of Hoover Dam--is now available to read for free in ebook.

The Ghost of Blackfeet Nation, which releases at the end of the month, will soon follow the other books into the program in mid-December.

This series features a hilarious trio of fifty-something friends who flip haunted properties and try to solve the previously unsolvable mysteries, getting way in over their heads. If they can solve the mystery, the friends will finally be able to bring peace to the ghosts haunting the properties. Each book is based on a true event from history.

On November 1st, Secrets of the Greek Revival was mentioned on the front page of the Sunday Times in an article written by Grant Tucker, an entertainment correspondent for the Times. In the article, Tucker interviews UK celebrity popstar Tony Mortimer of East 17, who says that my novel was the first he'd ever been able to finish. Tucker reports:

He [Tony Mortimer] started with Secrets of the Greek Revival, a haunted house mystery by the American novelist Eva Pohler, and belatedly but thrillingly discovered that reading wasn’t boring at all. “It dragged me in like that girl that fell down the rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland,” he said. “I remember the first book, I thought I’m gonna force myself to get to the end of this. And I did, and I’ve just fallen in love with reading. It’s absolutely escapism from the world.”

I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that one of my novels encouraged someone to fall in love with reading. Later in the article, Tucker reports that Mortimer has decided to try writing a novel of his own. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

The Mystery House Series books are also available in paperback and audiobook. You can learn more about them here.

To get started on the first ebook for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, go here.

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