The Haunting of Hoover Dam Is Live

In case you missed it, The Haunting of Hoover Dam, the fifth book in The Mystery House Series, released on November 2nd in ebook and paperback. The audiobook version is in production.

Early reviews of The Haunting of Hoover Dam have been positive. Christine Hadley posted on Amazon: As always, a stupendous read by eva pohler. I loved the entire book, honestly. Pohler creates an engaging group of characters with real flaws that still manage to be great people. I love the entire mystery house series.

Here's the blurb for The Haunting of Hoover Dam:

When Boulder City is inundated with strange occurrences, the local, state, and federal authorities come up emptyhanded. Motivated by heart-wrenching appeals on Sue's blog, Ellen and her friends offer to help. But the pressure's on like never before when their paranormal investigation is met with scrutiny at every turn, especially when they discover, with the help of a one-hundred-year-old ghost, a sickening coverup from the days of the building of the Hoover Dam.

Grab your copy of The Haunting of Hoover Dam at your favorite vendor:

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The next book in The Mystery House Series, The Ghost of Blackfeet Nation, will be available next spring for preorder and will release next Halloween.

Stay tuned for upcoming news on the final book of Cupid's Captive Series, Deimos.

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