The Gatekeeper's Saga Box Set Will Soon Disappear

Did you know that Amazon penalizes authors for pricing their work above $9.99? A higher- priced book will pay out a 35% royalty compared to the 70% royalty pay-out for a lower-priced title. This means I make more money pricing The Gatekeeper's Saga six-book set at $9.99 at Amazon than I do at $15.99.

But I'm losing money at $9.99. The lower-priced box set is cannibalizing the sales of the individual books in The Gatekepeer's Saga. My only option is to pull the set from Amazon forever.

Readers will still have the option of purchasing The Gatekeeper's Saga in two trilogy sets at $7.99 and $9.99. And, after October 15th, the six-book set will be available at the other vendors for $15.99.

So, if you haven't already read all six books in The Gatekeeper's Saga, you might want to take advantage of the $9.99 price, which will disappear in ten days. Click on the image below to grab your copy.

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