The Gatekeeper's Saga Box Set Is 99 Cents

With six full-length novels in one, this set has never been priced so low, and I doubt it will ever be again.

The Gatekeeper's Saga Box Set: Books 1-6 will be available in ebook for 99 cents at Amazon through July 31st. Then it will return to the (still great value) price of $9.99 (or free with Kindle Unlimited).

If you've been meaning to start or finish this young adult series for lovers of Greek mythology and paranormal romance, here's your chance to do so for pennies!

Described as "addicting" and "sure to thrill" (Kirkus Reviews), The Gatekeeper's Saga is about an impossible, yet unstoppable, love between a mortal teen and Thanatos (the god of death). It will take you on an unforgettable and thrilling adventure with the gods of Mount Olympus.

Tap on the image below to snag your 99-cent copy.

This exciting sale marks the TEN-DAY COUNTDOWN to the release of Phobos: Cupid's Captive, Book Two. The first book in the series, Eros, is ALSO 99 cents through the end of July.

Tap below to get your 99-cent copy of Eros. (For readers 17 and older for mature content.)

Phobos releases July 30th and is available for preorder. To preorder your copy of Phobos, tap on the image below.

I'm super excited for you to read about Ellie's adventures after she's taken captive by Cupid, whose brothers (Phobos and Deimos) are then shot with arrows and made to love her--all for her own protection against other gods wanting to kill her.

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