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Pohler Plunge, Anyone?

Join me in The Pohler Bear Lounge on Facebook on March 23rd for a week-long read-along with daily giveaways.

The Pohler Plunge will be a bi-annual event--once in the spring, focused on one of my YA fantasy titles and once in the fall, focused on one my my Mystery House titles.

This spring, we're starting with The Marcella II, the first book in my Vampires and Gods series. It's currently free at all vendors, so grab your copy here and join us in the lounge for some fun!

Starting March 23rd, I'll post a daily discussion question and/or fun fact with a giveaway prize. On March 30th, the last day of the event, I'll use random dot org to choose a winner for each day. Here's a sneak peek at the prizes:

So, will you take the plunge with us? If so, join the Pohler Bear Lounge, if you haven't already!


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