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New Bookish Products

I'm super thrilled to announce that I'm obsessed!

I'm obsessed with running my own store. I used to think I wanted the other retailers to fulfill all my book orders, but I have been having a blast doing it myself.

So, I decided to carry other bookish products, too!

Now, you can find bookish accessories, bookish apparel, bookish drinkware, bookish enamel pins, bookish jewelry, bookish journals, and bookish totes.

I just love this Ghoul's Hand Bookmark:

Isn't that cool looking?

I have other bookmarks too. You can find them all here.

Here are a few of my other favs:

And check out these library book earrings:

And I LOVE these Moon Tree Wire Wrapped Pendants:

Take a look at all the new products I have in my store and let me know which are YOUR favs!


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