Kindle Unlimited Subscribers Can Now Read Eva Pohler's Books for FREE

For the first time ever, Kindle Unlimited subscribers have free access to the entire Gatekeeper's Saga, including the spin-off series, prequel, and stand-alone (Charon's Quest).

Also for the first time ever, The Vampires of Athens (which shares the world of The Gatekeeper's Saga and will soon include a crossover spin-off) is available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Other offerings in the program from Eva Pohler include The Purgatorium Series and The Mystery Book Collection. Although not enrolled at this time, Eros: Cupid's Captive Series, Book One, soon will be, once the second book in the series is ready for preorder.

The only series by Eva Pohler not enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program is The Mystery House Series, because that series already has a big following at Barnes and Noble and Google Play.

Readers not enrolled in Kindle Unlimited can still purchase these ebooks from the Amazon Kindle Store in ebook and read on any ereader device using the Kindle App. You can click here to get the free Kindle App.

These books continue to be available in paperback (and some in hardcover and audiobook) at other vendors.

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