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Friday the Thirteenth Sale

Start your Friday the Thirteenth off with positive vibes and good energy by treating yourself to my 99-cent sale.

For a limited time, enjoy Secrets of the Greek Revival for 99 cents in ebook. Described as "Nancy Drew meets The Golden Girls," this paranormal mystery series features three friends in their fifties who flip haunted houses and try to bring peace to the ghosts that haunt them by solving a mystery based on a true historical injustice.

Although the books in the series can be read in any order, Secrets of the Greek Revival, the first book, shows how these three ladies, who never meant to become paranormal investigators, find themselves entangled with the occult, getting way in over their heads.

Find links to all vendors here.

While you're treating yourself today, you might also like another one of my novels, The Purgatorium, also currently priced at 99 cents in ebook.

Fans of Shutter Island and Lost will love this psychological horror story about a suicidal teen who's sent by her parents to an island where a doctor uses experimental methods that cross ethical lines. Soon the teen finds herself lost on the haunted side of the island wondering if her parents meant to help her or punish her.

Find links to The Purgatorium at all vendors here.

I hope your Friday the Thirteenth is filled with good luck and good vibes!


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