Eva Pohler's Six-Day Challenge for Book Lovers

Do you often feel that you spend so much time working, cleaning, and doing other obligatory duties that you can't seem to find time to do the things you love? One activity that often goes by the wayside is reading. This is especially true if you're exhausted by the end of your day, because, unlike passive activities, such as watching TV, reading takes too much mental energy and focus--which you just don't have.

I'm thrilled to share my six days worth of strategies for clearing the clutter from your space, body, and mind, so that you can have more energy and better focus throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this isn't something you do once. I go through this process a few times a year to keep myself focused and organized. Last year, however, I neglected to keep up with it. My daughter's brain surgery, originally scheduled for last May, was canceled, and this surgeon was the only surgeon in the U.S., if not the world, that performs this particular type of tumor removal. We were devastated and stressed, and my marriage was falling apart, and life sucked so badly for me and for my family. I let everything go.

She finally had her surgery in September, but the recovery period was much longer and much worse than we had anticipated. She continued to be in pain through Christmas. We had begun to believe that this surgery, that was supposed to be our miracle cure, hadn't worked. It's only been in the past couple of months that we've begun to see improvement in her pain and disposition.

So, after gaining back all the weight I'd lost and allowing my house to get cluttered again after I'd Marie-Condoed the heck out of it, it's time for me to go back to my six-day system, so I can get myself back on track to healthier, more focused living that includes one of the great joys of my life, too long neglected: reading.

If you want to take control over your living space, your body, and your mind, then join me!

Beginning next Monday, June 15th, I will show you six days worth of tried and true steps for getting yourself organized so that you can manage your space, body, mind so efficiently that you'll have ample time to do the things you love.

This is a system that I've designed. It requires at least three hours each day for six days--maybe more. Depending on your current situation, some days will be easier than others. Let me give you a preview, so you have an idea of what to expect:

Day one will be all about purging your living space of unnecessary things. Let me clarify: I'm not suggesting that you get rid of everything that doesn't serve a utilitarian purpose. For heaven's sake, don't get rid of the art in your home. But do get rid of pieces that no longer add to your home decor.

Marie Condo suggests that you discard those items that no longer bring you joy. She requires you to pull everything you own out of the nooks and crannies of your home so that you can see each item on the floor before you decide what should be donated, trashed, or kept. This is an excellent approach, but I find it too time-consuming. I'll explain how I have tweaked her process for those of us who are too busy to allot any more than a single day to this process.

On day two, I'll show you the secret of keeping your living space organized. Although the plan can be created in a single day, it requires some maintenance. However, once you take the day to set everything up, you'll end up saving SO MUCH time in the long run.

On day three, I'll talk about what I have learned to purge from my cupboards and refrigerator and body. Since different diets work for different people, I'll keep this portion of my six-day plan somewhat flexible. I have found that a low-carb lifetyle is the only one that prevents me from blowing up like a balloon, but a different style of eating my be better for your body type. I'll talk about the things that I try to keep out of my body, even though I'm a strong believer in the cheat day, which I will talk about in great detail.

On the fourth day, I'll go over strategies I use to simplify meal planning and preparation. This is the most important strategy for success. Inadequate preparation is what almost always leads to the dreaded act of falling off the wagon. I'll also talk about easy ways to add exercise into your day, so it's not this overwhelming thing to be put off again and again.

Day five will focus on purging our minds of negativity and clutter. I'll share different methods I've used to clear my mind of negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of affirmation. I'll also share methods for getting rid of all the clutter so that your focus can be sharpened, to clear the path for clarity.

On the final day, I'll demonstrate ways to keep the negativity and clutter at bay. I'll also show you what I do to keep my thoughts organized and my mind sharp. This is what allows me to write three to four novels per year while teaching part time and running a five-person, three-dog household.

After this six-day challenge, you should be able to do it all and still find time to read, review, and discuss your favorite books!

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, join the Facebook group here: Eva Pohler's Six-Day Challenge for Book Lovers.

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